Apply for Terms (Net 30/60) MPN: TR002. Make sure the POWER IS TURNED OFF at the source at which you are installing the product. Also, the LED Troffer series provides great performance, reliability and flexibility with the latest generation of solid-state components and electronic driver technologies. 30W: This is Troffer lights which replace conventional fixture of 90W. Copyright © ARK Lighting(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved | Sitemap | var cnzz_protocol = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? " LED Troffers are useful replacements for florescent troffers because they are high-performing and are more cost-effective. 50W: This Troffer light replaces fluorescent fixture of 140W. Enter the electricity bill, you can check the cost of the lighting electricity, as well as the energy saving costs. By taking pictures of the real scene of the construction site or importing the real scene map, the map of the location of the luminaire will be automatically generated in the APP, and the location. The new version adds the power statistics function, which aims to let customers, have a detailed understanding of the power consumption of all their lamps, and understand. For 0-10V dimming circuits, wire at dimmer conduit plate. The intelligent energy-efficient Bluetooth mesh network IOT lighting control system, 12 years experience wholesale lighting company UFO led high bay manufacturers. LED 2x2 Center Basket Troffer Panel (2 Pack) 35W; 10 Year Warranty; 4,550 Lumens; 120V-277V AC/DC; 0-10V Dimmable; 50,000 Life Hours; CRI>80; UL/DLC Listed (Warm White 3500K), 2x2 LED Panel Troffer Edge-Lit Panel (4 PACK) - Warm White 3500K, 40W, 4600 Lumens,120V-277V, 0-10V Dimmable, UL/DLC Listed, Lithonia Lighting 2GTL4 A12 120 LP840 4000K Contractor Select LED Lensed Troffer Light Without Battery, 2 x 4', White, FaithSail 2x2 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 48W 5000LM Drop Ceiling Light, 5000K Flat Backlit Fixture for Office, 120V Efficient LED Ceiling Panel for Retail Locations, 4 Pack, 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light, Allsmartlife 4-Pack 2x2FT LED Panel Light Dimmable 4000K Bright White, 0-10V 40W(140W Equivalent) - White Frame, 4147 Lumens, 100-277V - DLC-Qualified and Lighting Facts, Nilight - TL-01 6" Oval Red LED Tail 2PCS w/Surface Mount Grommets Plugs IP65 Waterproof Stop Brake Turn Trailer Lights for RV Truck Jeep, 2 Years Warranty, 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light 4000K, 40W 0-10v Dimmable 2'X2' Led Light Drop Ceiling - Backlit Troffer Lay in Fixture for Commercial Office, 100-277V, 4400LM, ETL Listed, 4 Pack, 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light 4000K, 40W 2'x2' LED Light Drop Ceiling 0-10V Dimmable - 24x24 Inch Lay in LED Back-Lit Troffer Light for Suspended Ceiling Office, 100-277V, 4400LM, ETL Listed, 4 Pack, LED FANTASY 2x2 FT Edge Lit LED Panel Dimmable 0-10V, 40W (140W Equivalent), 5000K Daylight White,DLC & UL 2 Pack, RAB Lighting EZPAN2X4-50N/D10 50W Recessed Drop Ceiling Troffer | 4000K White Edge-LIT 5952 Lumens-Dimmable & Easy Installation 2x4’ LED Flat Panel Light, 2x2 LED Panel Thin Edge-Lit Flat Light (4 Pack) 5000k 40W, White Frame, Flush Drop Ceiling Light for Home, Office, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial - LED Lighting Fixture - 0-10V Dimmable, LED Flat Panel Light 2x2, ITD ITANDA 2x2FT LED Light 4000±200LM 40W(140W Equivalent) 4000K Dimmable Bright White, Surface Mount Recessed Edge-Lit Drop Troffer-1Pack, 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light[UL],4Pack Phizli 0-10V Dimmable 40W 4000K Recessed Edge-Lit Drop Ceiling Troffer Light Fixture,4000LM Daylight White Color Surface Mount Ceiling Light, Hyperikon LED Flat Panel 2x2 Foot Drop Ceiling Light, 40W Edge Lit Panel, Dimmable, UL, DLC, Daylight White, 4 Pack, Lithonia Lighting BLC 2X4 5000LM 35K LED Troffer Light, 3500K, 43 Watts, 2-Inch x 4-Inch, White, Cree Lighting C-TR-A-FP22-40L-35K-WH 40L-35K-WH 2x2 LED Flat Panel Troffer Light (White Frame) 4000 lumens 0-10V Dimmable, 2' x 2', 3500K, 2PCS 2x2 FT LED Troffer 26W Light Fixture for Office Hospital 3250LM 4000K 0-10v Dim DLC UL Listed, 50,000 Life Hours (26W 4000K, 2x2 FT), 2x4’ LED Flat Panel Light: 50W Recessed Drop Ceiling Light - Troffer | 4000K White EDGE-LIT Lighting | 5952 Lumens - Dimmable & Easy Installation, LED Troffer Panel Light 2x2 FT 37W 4000K 4020 Lumens, 0-10V Dimmable,PMMA LGP Recessed Edge-Lit Troffer fixtures, UL & DLC Qualified,5 Years Warranty - by Offshore Lighting, 2-Pack 2x4 FT LED Panel Light, eSenLite, 60W, 6300 Lumens, 3000-5000K Adjustable, 0-10V Dimmable, Remote Control, 24x48 Inch LED Drop Ceiling Light, UL Listed and DLC Listed, Aura 2x2 LED Light Drop Ceiling – 40W 3500K Troffer Dimmable LED Flat Panel Light, White Frame – UL, DLC, CE, RoHS Listed, Easy Installation – 2 Pack, 1000LED 2x2 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 36W, Drop Ceiling Plat Panel Light, 4000K, 4,695 Lm, 132 lm/W, Ra 80, 0-10V Dimmable, AC100-277V, UL DLC Approval, 5 Years Warranty, 4 Pack, 2x2 FT Flat Panel Light Edge-Lit 40W 5000 Lumen 5000K Daylight White Flat Panel Troffer Lit Light Fixture Dimmable Panel Lights DLC & UL Complied 2 Pack, Lithonia Lighting 2GTL2 A12 120 LP840 4000K Contractor Select White LED Lay-in Troffer Light with Prismatic Lens 2 x 2' White, 2 Pack LED Panel Light AKT-PL-22-40W 4000 Lumens 5000K Daylight White Dimmable Drop Flat LED Troffer Light Panel Kit Light Fixture UL, DLC, FCC Complied (2x2 Ft), LED 2x2 Center Basket Troffer Panel (2 Pack) 28W; 10 Year Warranty; 3,640 Lumens; 120V-277V AC/DC; 0-10V Dimmable; 50,000 Life Hours; CRI>80; UL/DLC Listed (Warm White 3500K), RAB Lighting EZPAN2X2-40N/D10 40W Recessed Drop Ceiling Square | 4000K White Edge-LIT 5260 Lumens | Dimmable & Easy Installation 2x2’ LED Flat Panel Light, Lithonia Lighting PT2U MV Silver 9-Cell Volt Parabolic Troffer, 2-Feet by 2-Feet, 2FT×2FT Surface Mount Kit, Aluminium Surface Mounting Bracket Kit, for 24 inch LED Flat Panel Light, 2 feet Drop Ceiling Light, 2′ Edge-Lit Light Ceiling Frame Kit (2FTx2FT, 2 Pack), Surface Mount Kit for 2x2FT LED Troffer Flat Panel Drop Ceiling Light-2pack, LUMINOSUM LED Flat Panel Troffer 2x2 Foot 36W (80W Equivalent), Edge-Lit Drop Ceiling Light, Ultra-Thin, White Frame, Cool White 6000k, 5-Pack, Lithonia Lighting CPX 2X2 3200LM 35K M4 LED Switchable Lumen Flat Panel Ceiling Fixture Light, 3500 K, 34 Watts, 3200 Lumens, Satin White, Designers Fountain PF2240XMD27 2700K LED Panel 2' X 2' Ultra Thin Edge-Lit 40W Flat Light Residential Flushmount Surface Mount/Commercial Drop Ceiling Fixture 4000 lm-2700 CCT, 2'X2', White, NUWATT 1x2 LED Surface Mount Panel (4 Pack) 22W Built in Internal Driver, 5 Color Options 2700k, 3000K, 3500k, 4000K, 5000K, Triac Dimmable, Ultra Thin Ceiling Fixture, 120-277V, 1 inch Thick, Hyperikon Magnetic Mount 2 Foot LED Tube, 20W=130W, 2x2 Panel Light Retrofit Kit, UL, Crystal White, 4 Pack, 1000LED 2 Pack 2x2 FT LED Flat Panel Light, 36W 0-10V Dimmable Drop Ceiling LED Flat Panel Lighting 4000k, Hyperikon Magnetic Mount 2 Foot LED Tube, 20W=130W, 2x2 Panel Light Retrofit Kit, UL, Daylight White, 4 Pack, LED Panel Light Suspension Kit, AllChinaFiber Ceiling Suspension Cable Hanging Kit for 2x2,1x4 and 2x4 Led Panel, 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Braided Adjustable Wire, Hyperikon Magnetic Mount 2 Foot LED Tube, 20W=130W, 2x2 Panel Light Retrofit Kit, UL, Daylight White, 8 Pack, LED Dimmer Switch, Allsmartlife Single Pole/ 3-Way 0-10V LED Dimmer for 2x2/ 2x4 LED Flat Panel Light, ETL Listed, Wall Plate Included, White 1-Pack, NuWatt 2x2 LED Panel Troffer Edge Lit Thin Flat (4 Pack) 40W 5000K 4600 Lumens, 120V-277V AC/DC, 0-10V Dimmable, UL DLC Listed, Drop Ceiling Lights, Viugreum LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 72W 4320 Lumens Square Panel Light, 6000K (Daylight White) Downlights Lighting Fixture for Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom, Stairwell, Fast Shipping from USA, Hyperikon Magnetic Mount 2 Foot LED Tube, 20W=130W, 2x2 Panel Light Retrofit Kit, UL, Crystal White, LJT lensed LED troffer, 2x4, Color Temperature: 4000 K, Lumen Output Category: Medium Lumen, Designers Fountain PF2240XMD30 3000K LED Panel 2' X 2' Ultra Thin Edge-Lit 40W Flat Light Residential Flushmount Surface Mount/Commercial Drop Ceiling Fixture 4000 lm-3000 CCT, 2'X2', White, Lithonia Lighting 2BLT4 40L ADP LP840 Best-in-Value Low-Profile Recessed LED Troffer, 4000K, 2 4-Foot, 2-Foot by 4-Foot, 2X2FT Surface Mount Aluminum Frame Flush Mounting Bracket for LED Panel Light, 2x2 Ceiling Frame Kit, LED Panel Frame, 2 Foot Panel Light Frame, NSL 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light (4 Pack) - Recessed Drop Ceiling Lighting Fixture (0-10V Dimmable, 40W, 4000K,4400 Lumens)- White Frame Panels -cUL DLC Certified Lights -Ideal Replacement for Troffer, Lithonia Lighting 2X4 4000LM 35K LED Contractor Select BLC Troffer, 3500K, 36 Watts, 4000 Lumens, White, TALOYA Flush Mount 12 Inch Ceiling Light (Milk White Shell), 20W Surface Mount LED Light Fixture for Bedroom Kitchen,3 Color Temperatures in One(3000k/4000k/6500k),0.94 Inch Thickness Round, LEONLITE 2x2FT Flat Panel LED Light, 300W Equivalent Edge-Lit Drop Ceiling Light with Built-in Driver, Surface Mount No Need Frame, 40W 5000K Daylight, 0-10V Dimmable, Pack of 4, 4-Pack of Hyperikon T8 LED Light Tube, U-BENT, 18W , 5000K (Crystal White Glow), Clear Cover, CE- and UTL-Listed, Lithonia Lighting EPANL 24 40L 40K Edge Lit Flat LED Panel, 2-Foot by 4-Foot, 4000K, High Efficiency Dimmable LED Panel Lights.