No individual parent has the … Joint legal custody means that both parents share in the right to make decisions in their child’s life. Some typical joint custody schedules include: the 50-50 custody schedule, the 2-2-3 joint custody schedule, and the week-on, week-off custody … What is the difference between Legal vs physical custody in Orange County California. A California Family Law Court makes decisions regarding California joint legal child custody by specifying the circumstances under which the consent of both parents is required to be obtained in order to exercise legal control of the child and the consequences of the failure to obtain mutual consent. Therefore, the primary issue will be the type of custody orders that the parents have: Do the parents share joint legal and joint physical custody… Each parent has an equal right to make a significant contribution in the decision-making process and final decisions. Typically, under a joint custody order, children … Physical Custody and Visitation When California court determines the custody … In joint legal custody, both parents of a child share major decision making regarding for example education, medical care and religious upbringing. At all other times, either parent may act alone. Family Code, §§ 3003, 3025, 3083 . Joint physical custody requires significant periods of parenting time to each parent . There are several types of joint custody in California. Under joint legal custody, parents make major decisions together regarding the child’s education, religious instruction, medical treatment, and general heath and welfare. How joint … A California Family Law … In Orange County, California, as well as in most Counties in this state, a parent that wants to move out of state needs to get permission from the other parent or from a court if the move will affect the other parent’s custody rights. It can be specified as: joint legal custody; joint physical custody; or ; joint legal and physical custody. This type of arrangement allows children of divorce to remain in frequent and continuing contact with both parents, which is believed to be in their best interest. In California, both parents can have legal custody – this is called “joint legal custody.” When the parents have joint legal custody, it means they are both equally responsible for making decisions about the child’s welfare. The term legal custody refers to a parent’s responsibility and right to make decisions about a child’s education, health and day-to-day welfare. Some of the decisions a parent who has legal custody can make involve: Extracurricular activities. The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith . A California Family Law Court can designate when mutual consent is required. If a parent has legal custody, he or she … Mutual Consent. The custody and visitation rights of each party are set forth herein and this Order shall define custody and visitation for the following child: The Court has considered the factors set forth in Family Code Section … Most often, courts order that the consent of both parents is required for decision regarding the child’s education, decisions pertaining to a child’s medical care, and decisions regarding daycare for the child. Form Approved for Optional Use Judicial Council of California FL-341(E) [Rev. However, there are two different kinds of joint custody: joint legal custody and joint physical custody. But to avoid having problems and ending up back in court, both parents should communicate with each other and cooperate in making decisions together. Physical custody encompasses where the child lives and who cares for them. Physical custody, the time they spend with each of their parents, refers to where the child lives.   These include decisions regarding education, religion, and health care. JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY ATTACHMENT. Joint physical custody (instead of one parent having custody with the other having visitation, does not mean exact division of time with … Often times clients are confused over Legal vs physical custody in Orange County California. In situations where both parents share legal custody of their children, they need to negotiate on decisions in an attempt to do what is in … Joint legal custody means that both parents have the legal authority to make major decisions for the child. JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY ATTACHMENT . With joint legal custody both parents have the right to make decisions and either parent can make a decision alone. As of the beginning of 2021, these rules have not changed recently, but there could always be updates or adjustments as the year … Divorcing California couples have a few different legal options for child custody. If you need Joint Custody help in California, contact Christopher R. Abernathy, APLC, a local practice in Los Angeles, for legal representation. California courts prefer to award joint custody of a child whenever possible.