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Oct 26, 2014

first impressions are good

I was in need of a new console for my WII and I googled for one and their website popped up. I had a look and was impressed with the amount they had and their prices. I ordered one from there and it came quickly and undamaged, there was plenty of packaging around it.

Oct 24, 2014

Bought a phone - didn't work, swapped for another, didn't work.

I bought an Htc One M8 in "perfect condition" it didn't work. I then bought a HTC One Mini 2 "brand new" also didn't work, HTC said it needs to go in for repair as their is a fault. No replies to e-mails sent to the company and individual stores about either issue.

Oct 23, 2014

First time I used them, not going to be the last

Bought a phone on a Sunday was dispatched Monday morning and delivered on Tuesday. Delivered in realy fast time and the quality was as described. Bargain and really good quality and service. Couldn't ask for anything more. Well done.

Oct 21, 2014

Still waiting for e-mail from store and customer services.

Ordered a guitar on 17/10/2014 and saw that delivery was between 1 & 4 working days ,Checked on website and it still says submitted .E-mailed store and got no reply ,So e-mailed customer services and surprise surprise still no reply.Telephoned store today 21/10/2014 and was told guitar was dispatched yesterday but staff didn't take my name or order number, so it seems i was told anything to get me off the phone .Will wait until tomorrow to see if it arrives but have had no delivery details from courier ,Won't hold my breath.Very poor service!!

Oct 18, 2014

Poor service at Darwen cash generator store

I returned a faulty item (maverick x 1electric guitar). I checked with the store about my choice of courier and was assured this was acceptable. I then confirmed receipt and that I would be reimbursed the full postage as advertised under their refund policy. Now...and after two partial repayments of the postage on two separate dates over a week ago they are asking see the postage receipt before refunding the rest ! This is not mentioned as a process step on their website and has not been mentioned when I called to confirm receipt or on a further occasion when I called to complain that I had only received a £4.63 actual refund through PayPal for postage that cost £16. At the startof this they sent me an unusable item. I have acted in good faith and communicated throughout but remain out of pocket. Poor poor show Darwen Cash Generator...too much of my valuable time has already been spent chasing this.

Oct 12, 2014

Cash Generator are incompetent!!!

Ordered a PS3 on behalf of my son to replace the one he'd had as it would have cost £100 to repair. The cost of the replacement (£70) was about the only good thing I can say about the purchase. We were promised delivery in 3 - 5 days. It actually took more like 10 days, in which time I had been e mailed by the couriers to say that they were waiting for the PS3 to get to them in order for them to deliver it! I e mailed Cash Generator to inform them of this, but received no reply. When the item DID eventually turn up they had packaged it with the wrong connecting lead! Luckily the one off my son's old PS3 fitted it, or heaven knows how long we would have had to wait for that to be sorted. I would NOT use them again.

Oct 10, 2014

Sent wrong item and then failed to rectify

After nearly 3 months I managed to get some money back by putting in a claim with PayPal. Appalling Customer service!!

Oct 8, 2014

Bad online shopping

3 different cash generator stores 3 different reasons for not sending items. Not saying the staff are rude just a poor online service.
1 . Sony Xperia tablet ( 2 people bought the same item online would you mind waiting a few weeks ) I had to ring up to find this out. Got money back 3 days later.
2 . fluke electrical tester ( seems to of got lost in the post ) had to ring up to find this out . Awaiting refund 8 .10.14.
3 . LAN tester ( the lad who deals with it has been on holiday , he's back now but we can't find it ) had to ring up to find this out. Awaiting refund 8.10.14.
All this within 1 month ( now that's what I call service) .

Oct 6, 2014

very poor customer service.

Ordered an iPhone 5 and received a shipment confirmation of 5-7 working days. After 7 days I emailed to get an update on the whereabouts of the product. I got an informal response saying the would look at it the next morning. No response so I emailed again their was response was they where looking into it and would update me. I was given no update for 2 days then I received another informal email saying the product had been lost and they would refund me immediately and I'd receive it within a day with it being a Friday that would be Monday. I emailed again on Monday morning as they money hadn't been sent and only after that. They decided to send payment via Paypal and said I would receive it within 5-7 working days. It's looking like I will have been out of pocket for 20 days which is shocking.

Oct 4, 2014

fantastic bunch!

Just want to say how brill the service is at cash generator ,commercial street ,Newport Gwent ,all the lads there have impeccable manners ,always smiling,are non judgemental and very professional and friendly always,even at very busy times ,always do their best to help you in watever circumstances,always giving 100% to every customer no mater who and just think they deserve a little praise

Oct 4, 2014


Purchased product but then told it had been sold in the shop. Happens frequently this with CG, their prices are often good but web site is hopeless and they don't update it anywhere near often enough.

Oct 2, 2014

Quickly ordered and delivered.

Quick and easy to find what I was after. Ordered and were delivered safely within a few days. Very pleased x

Sep 30, 2014

Speedy excellent service.

Ordered Monday morning, arrived Tuesday!!
Well packaged and my item is in excellent condition.
Well recommended!

Sep 27, 2014

not safe to buy online?

I am desperately trying to buy online using cash generator! But everytime I'check out' the site tells me I am being watched and it is unsafe? Anyone else getting this? Help!

Sep 26, 2014

Couldn't be happier

A 23" LCD HDMI monitor caught my eye on the website going for £38.99, and after doing some research, I found out it was actually a decently rated monitor from 2011, so I filled in the best offer box with £34.99 and hoped I'd get it, which I did. They shipped it on the morning of the 24th and I received it this morning (of the 26th). Not only was it very well packaged, but it is in amazing condition! Will definitely be buying from cashgenerator again.

Sep 24, 2014

great service came quickly and packaged well!

i bought a white 8gb wii u pre owned for 122 pounds it came with fifa 13 which i wasn't interested in but didn't matter for that price as it was a amazing deal it worked perfectly was well packaged came nice and fast and very happy with it x saved alot as argos sells it for 250 very happy customer! had it for just over a week now and works great!

Sep 21, 2014

Poorly packed so damaged in transit item was very dirty & incomplete

Purchased a guitar from cash gen's online store,was described as in "Good Condition" Photos of the item were a little small & over exposed but it looked to be complete and have no major damaged

Dispatch was fast and i was emailed tracking info to let me know it was on the way but when it arrived a few days later was very surprised to see that the guitar had only been wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and black plastic! with no box or cardboard padding.

As you would expect the body of the guitar had received a number of small chips and dents with one section about the size of a 5 pence chipping off completely down to the wood & one of the tuning keys was bent and unusable

On inspecting the guitar further other areas of the body had been touched up with a silver marker,there was quite a bit of fret ware,the whole guitar/neck/fingerboard was filthy,the strings were rusty,the locking nuts were missing (they were shown in 2 of the listing pictures as be complete) and the floating trem unit had been packed out a 9volt battery and 5 springs to lock it in place.....

I Contacted the store who replied very quickly and apologized for the poor packing/damage and missing locking nuts,they asked if id like to keep the item and have a partial refund or return it for a full refund,i excepted a partial refund (about 25%) and have decided to keep & fix/refinish the guitar

For any one from CG cs reading this id like to suggest that you add links to much clearer/higher res photos of the items you offer in your online store and get the staff listing these items to add much better descriptions of there condition so people know what there are getting before ordering,also wipe down/clean and package items much better before you ship them out.

2* and i would think very long and hard before ordering from there online store again.

Sep 15, 2014

Absolutely disgusting customer service

I went into cash generator store in cheetam hill on 13.09.14 with my husband and two sons looking through xbox games and my 3 year old son who was holding onto my leg touched a large orange bowling ball which was hung on the wall on a very small and unsecure hook (which I didn't notice till it had fell) I quickly grabbed my son as I saw it roll off the hook and screamed as I thought it had landed on his toes but fortunately it didnt and it just rolled off under a bike. I turned around in shock and saw a member of staff (tall man with a black shirt and pants on) who had seen everything btw and I said "excuse me that is dangerous that huge heavy bowling ball surely shouldn't be hung of a tiny hook it could of fell on top of my son" he said "well it is on a hook and its ok" he had thee most sarcastic smile on his face I said "I beg your pardon that bowling ball is dangerous look at it it could of rolled on top of my son or anybodys foot for that matter" he started nodding his head smiling then said "well you should of been watching your kid then" I was absolutely shocked I work in retail and if I spoke to a customer of mine like this I would be sacked!!! I then said " excuse me how dare you I WAS watching my son he was holding onto my leg n only touched not shoved or threw the ball" he again smirked smiled and said " we do tell all customers to watch there children he shouldn't if been messing" my husband was extremely angry and said pretty much what I had said but I didn't want my husband doing something silly so I said I will never ever step foot in here again dragged my husband n children out the man then came behind us and shouted "ok hahaha have a nice day" laughing and smirking and being extremely sarcastic. Im disgusted and very very angry absolutely no customer service!!! Im just sorry I didn't get his name but I will be doing and I have took pictures of the bowling ball and the unsecured hook.

Sep 9, 2014

Terrible customer service

I bought an iPhone 4s that was supposed to be unlocked to all networks. It was actually locked to Orange/EE and it didn't even charge so I tried to contact the store to arrange to send it back but didn't get a response. I then contacted their customer services who told me to contact the store in question which would be fine if they had bothered to respond to me! I eventually spoke to a member of staff at the store who promised that they would arrange for a courier to collect the phone but the courier never arrived which I was not happy about. I contacted the store again only to be told that they no idea what was going on but they would look into it and ring me back that day. I didn't receive a phone call as promised so yet again I contacted customer services who again told me to contact the store.
The manager did ring me on a Thursday with an apology and the excuse that he didn't have any idea of what was going on.
He also promised to refund the amount as soon as they received the phone and we arranged to have the phone collected on the following Tuesday as I was unavailable until that time.
I returned home on the Monday to find 2 cards from UK Mail stating that they had attempted to make a collection even though I told the manager I wasn't at home! UK Mail arrived on the Tuesday and collected the phone but alas, no refund yet.
Yet again I rang the store and was told that they didn't know anything about it and they would ring me back, surprisingly (or not) still no phone call 2 days later!!
I'm not entirely sure why Cash Generator have a customer services team as all they want to do is fob you off!!
I am seriously considering contacting trading standards as this is a bit of a joke now, it's a simple case of issuing a refund but it seems that they are happy to take your money but when it comes to refunding you have to fight tooth and nail.

Sep 8, 2014

Bought a used camera, turned out to be stolen

I bought a used canon 450D in May, upgraded in September so tried to sell it on. Took it to my local game (who now buy tech stuff) and they ran a checkmend on it and it turns out to be stolen. Thanks Cash Generator, currently seeking a full refund under the sales of goods act.

Sep 3, 2014

Miss Sold Product

Brought a phone which was apparently in brand new condition. When it arrived it had a fake screen on it and several faults, the biggest one being that the LCD screen was faulty and the screen was almost impossible to read.

When I called up they insisted there was nothing wrong with the phone, until I went technical with them about the problems at which point they said they would come and collect it (In their defence, they did have a courier come to collect the phone and issued a refund).

Wish they would have been honest so they didn't waste my time!

Aug 30, 2014

No response!

I have tried to email customer service as well as my local store west ealing to enquire about installment loans however no response as usual to customer enquiries!!! Bad customer service and lack of information on the website!!

Aug 22, 2014

Dreadful Ignorant Staff Who do not want to help

Found a Ps3 game on your site visited the store in question i ask the sale assistant behind the counter about the game he stood there Shrugged his shoulders in i don't care attitude so i just left the store

then Wednesday 20/08 i Emailed the Same store via website and Email has Been ignored

Wont be Bothering Again with them as there staff don't care about customers

Aug 21, 2014


I ordered late on a Friday night and it was posted the following Monday. Although there was a slight problem with UK mail, the store I contacted were fantastic, really helpful and very prompt at sorting the problem.
I would definitely recommend cash generator, and especially the guys who work in the Watford store..... :-) A++++

Aug 21, 2014


I have a story so long I won't even bother to write it. In short, if something goes wrong and on your return to the shop the staff all turn on you, just leave and get onto customer services. They do seem to want to help, and as long as the problem is clear and reasonable will get things sorted one way or another. It took two and a half months before I seen I was being palmed off, but after phoning customer services had a replacement within a week. Phone no is 0131 335 0730.

Aug 20, 2014

Friendly staff but generally poor service and products

I've ordered quite a few things from CG online, however recently I have found most of the electrical items to either have faults, or had the wrong model sent out.

This is becoming a very common occurence with many of their stores, and although calling the store and arranging a return is easy enough, things are made even worse with a very poor choice of courier, and refunds taking weeks after the item has been received back.

The stores really need to brush up their act and actually properly test items before listing them, and ensure that the correct models are actually listed.

The failure rate of items ordered from CG in the last year is well over 50%. The dispatch notifications also need to be improved - on many occasions I have received an email confirming the dispatch of an item, only to discover it was only actually sent days after receiving this email.

The service CG offers online is frankly, not good enough, and changes need to be made.

I am currently awaiting on two refunds from stores who both sent out incorrect models of phones - so yet again I am currently out of pocket due to CG's inability to correctly list items.

Aug 14, 2014


I bought a ipad2 online i picked the option to pay and go to the store to collect the ipad myself i go to to store today to be told the ipad was sold a WEEK AGO! but it was still up for sale on the site the staff at the desk said it was supposed to be taken down a week ago but it never did.
looking at other reviews online this happens quite a lot. Now the member of staff said they are not accepting in store collections anymore if you buy online. i wonder why that is maybe to many complaints?
you really shouldn't offer this service if your not capable or you really can not offer this service its bad for your company.
You have my money in your accounts until i can get it back in a few days because of your mistake! i now have to wait until i can buy a ipad from elsewhere.

Thank you for the worst buying experience thank you for wasting my time and thank you for making me wait for my money to be returned
Really bad experience shouldn't be happening from a big company like this.

Aug 13, 2014

Do not buy games from them

I bought a sealed copy of L.A NOIRE - PS3 from cash generators and brought it home and i opened it and it would not work on my ps3. I know it is not a fault in my ps3 as it plays every other game perfectly fine. So i took it back to them the next day and said to them and i was told because their bar code wasn't on the case they couldn't do anything with it even though i had the receipt for it in my hand. The bar code was ripped when i took the packaging off the game case. If you have a receipt of purchase they should be able to refund you or compensate you for the product not working so i will never buy anything from cash generators again

Aug 13, 2014

Terrible just terrible

Terrible service. Bought an Xbox one on Thursday for a reasonable price. Got an email the next day telling me that it had been dispatched and I should receive it in 3-5 days. Wasn't given any more information such as courier or tracking number so that means I was left to stay in my house ALL DAY within the 3-5 days just in-case the Xbox came.

Contacted them a week later saying that I haven't received my console yet and they said that I should receive it on Friday and this was due to a problem with paypal. I had to contact them to receive this information. If i didn't send them an email, they wouldn't have even told me my product has been delayed EVEN THOUGH they had already said my package has been dispatched.

THEN AFTER THIS they refund my purchase and tell me I cant complete the transaction because I don't have sellers protection. Why would I have sellers protection? I'm not selling anything. So now I have to wait 5-7 days to receive me refund before I even start to think about buying another Xbox from a different place.

Outstandingly bad service and I will not recommend this shop to anybody.

Aug 12, 2014

Laptop sold with shop installed keyloggers and virus's

Ok so I bought two laptops from Cash generator. First up from Bury - their tech guy had wiped the laptop then installed keyloggers and malware/virus', 38 in total. Am a tech guy so instantly recognised the signs of each keypress heading to the internet. A quick look at the administrators account (created by the store) yielded the archive holding the keyloggers and virus which he had installed. Massively annoyed at this as this shouldnt happen from a store.

Second up - Blackburn again a second hand laptop of same brand, model and almost same spec arrived the day after the bury one. This arrived in the post really quickly but in a laptop bag with lots of loose chocolate peanuts rolling around in it and squashed to the latop and power supply. A check of the machine showed that the machine had been wiped properly back to factory and no evidence of keyloggers or virus or malware on the machine. I elected to wipe the machine anyway. So I decided it would be nice to populate the spare sodim memory slot with another sim. So I dug one out and opened the trapdoor to find the spare sim slot was damaged. In fact it had two bent pins. In 30 years of working in IT I have never seen a sim slot with bent pins.

So all in all not a good experience. And I am seriously debating reporting the keylogging one to the police

Update - Rang bury store, no-one could help so got fob off from current manager as new manager was about to start the next day so he wanted me to ring them the next day or I could have their tech (who installed the loggers) wipe it for me! Urm no thanks

Aug 11, 2014

very good.....but could be even better with quicker updates to whats in store and whats on-line

Delighted with the eventual receipt of the digital camera.....exactly as described and working perfectly. However this was after 3 attempts to purchase others on-line....this situation could be improved if stock that was sold 'in store' could immediately be removed from the website.....avoiding the unnecessary 'paypal' transactions and refunds that this entailed

Aug 9, 2014


Hello. I recently bought the xperia j from your store in manchester and there were numerous problems with it. The microphone wasnt working so wasnt the network,vibration,sound etc. Is there a chance i can refund?

Aug 8, 2014

Love you guys

Great service, very prompt, beautiful value!

Aug 8, 2014

Never Ever Again!

Brought an Xbox online from the Dagenham store, never received it and got told numerous stories.

Won`t touch these ever again.

Aug 8, 2014

Need to keep online stock up to date.

I ordered a game online and got a confirmation email . Got another email to say I was going to be refunded and they were sorry for my 'problems'??? I phoned the branch to ask what my 'problem' was as didn't know that I had a problem. Was then told that the game had been sold. Will think twice before using the website again.

Aug 7, 2014

very impressed with the speedy delivery.

Item was exactly as described and arrived next day delivery. Paid via PayPal which is my preferred payment option. This was my first purchase from cash generator but certainly won't be my last.

Aug 7, 2014

Life saver

Knew exactly what phone I wanted and needed to bu8y in quite a hurry. Tried everywhere local with no success. Searched on line with little hope and found Cash Generator with a huge choice including what I wanted at a very competitive price. Added to which deliver was next day, also at low cost. Well done. Thank you.

Aug 7, 2014

Great service but wish they would check products before sending!

Twice iv ordered - first time product was faulty - second had missing items which iv now had to PayPal dispute .. Not to impressed! Check stuff before sending!

Aug 6, 2014

Great service!

As the title says - Great service! Received my item quickly and for a good price. Made use of the Make Offer feature and it works well.

My only criticisms are that the postage fee was a bit high and the website is a little slow at times. The connection seemed to drop a few times and I had to search for the item again.

Thanks CG :)

Aug 6, 2014

Terrible Customer Service

I brought a phone from cash generator online, and it came the following day. But my own sim was not working in the phone that i purchased.
So i phoned up customer service and was passed around to about 4 different people, whom none of them could help me.
It has now been a week since i have ordered my phone and it is still not working.
The person whom i spoke to told me that they could not retrieve any history of my purchase and therefore could not give me any information on how to get my phone up and running, and told me to ring back when i had an order number on my paypal account, which still is not there, even though the money was took out my account on the same day that it was ordered.

Although they stated that they could not find any history of me ordering the device, they were still able to send me an email asking me to review their service.

I still don't have a working phone a week later, which is a great inconvenience to me.

Aug 6, 2014


I couldn't have asked for a better service.

Aug 6, 2014

Great to do business with you!!!

The whole experience was brilliant, simple and quick the exchange was done in no time and Delivery was very fast!!!

Aug 6, 2014

How to shop in one easy lesson!

I was looking for something that just wasn't available at a reasonable price on a very popular auction site until a friend suggested I tried looking at Cash Generator and in a matter of seconds after setting up an account and logging in, I found what I wanted at the right price including postage. I now check C.G. every time now I need anything. Brilliant!!!

Aug 5, 2014

used them three times, every time they forgot to send

I have used cash generator three times. The first time was a keyboard and they forgot to send it for a week. In the end I had an excellent customer service rep who sorted thing out and arranged same day courier just in time. Just recently I bought three items on a Friday. The tuesday after I phoned the shops to see if things had been sent and both shops had not sent. one of the shops said they wouldn't until next week and could not be persuaded of the urgency. I will never buy anything from this company again and i urge you to phone and check they posted your items if you do buy from them.

Aug 4, 2014

An A1 Service.

Nobody would have throught I had just bought a Cd as the packaging was the size of a small. Cd look as nearly new and it played perfectly.

Aug 4, 2014

does what it says on the Web page

Works perfectly maybe not new but just as good.

Aug 4, 2014

Fast and great service

Came with in 36 hours very happy with goods and service

Aug 4, 2014

great experience

Vast choice of products at realistic prices

Aug 4, 2014

Best service from an online store

The search for the item I brought was quick and easy. The website is clear to navigate and work. Buying the item took less than 5 minutes and a confirmation email was sent within seconds. I received the item just under 48hours after purchasing. The item arrived as described and was well packaged. I would definitely buy from here again and have recommended this site to many friends and family members.

Aug 4, 2014

Terrible service at Accrington Store - wanted personal information to buy a £20 item!

I had terrible service at the Accrington store. I wanted to buy a £20 Xbox hard disk - buy, not sell, but the store refused to sell it to me without me giving them lots of details. Initially they wanted my address, which I reluctantly gave. Then they wanted my birth date! I refused point blank and asked to speak to a manager, who claimed they did need this. They couldn't tell me why, just that it was policy, and refused to sell me the hard drive without it. I left the store without my purchase.

I can understand the store needing this info if you're selling, but buying? It's ridiculous. Also the data protection act states that 'Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed.' I can't see how requiring a date of birth for a simple purchase is anything but excessive.

The response I got from Cash Generator when I complained was that this was required 'as part of the information needed for the guarantee on the product, and secondly so there is a record of where items have been sold to if the police advise they were stolen goods.' Except that I've bought second hand goods from various other stores - including other Cash Generators - and never had to give any of this info. I certainly won't be shopping at Cash Generator Accrington and it's soured me on the whole chain.
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