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Jul 23, 2014

sim 3 and grand theft auto

Sims 3 disc was scratched and a mess game kept freezing grand theft good condition good game.

Jul 23, 2014

Great prices for used goods.

Bought an xbox 360 last week with hard drive at a superb price. I love this site giving the customer great deals on used working goods. Ive now just bought an ipod with docking station so fingers crossed I love it when it arrives. Would also like to comment on the excellent delivery service. Texts to advise you your item is in the post and when you should recieve it. Then a text to tell the customer on the day at what time your item will arrive. I will use cash generator site again. Delighted with my goods and service. One happy customer. Thanks!

Jul 23, 2014

a birthday present what i had wasnt the right item

I buy a xbox360 with a 320gb and I give it as a birthday present , I found yestraday that it had no hard drive and no game as it was a call of duty xbox360 , only I controller . iam not happy about the service as iam trusting cash generator with this item , to be in 100% and it not what it say when I buy it on line . looks like I got to buy a hard drive for it which it around £40 to £50 pounds ,

Jul 22, 2014

Great brilliant well impressed

great item cheap and in great condition just like in the description

Jul 22, 2014

cash generator is a very good company

I have bought a few things online from cash generator always give a good service the goods are tested and not had any bother at all , prices are very fare and the postage I will buy from them again , john

Jul 22, 2014

Never a gain

Payed for a drill on the 10/07/14. Still not got it. Had to send email and phone the store. They said 22/07/14. Still not got it. Never again I had to do all the running a round. They should get in touch with me

Jul 22, 2014


Ordered a second hand phone as an emergency for a broken phone..said it had been dispatched and would be with us in 3-5working days...sent an email after a week expecting at least a courtesy reply which we didn't receive so had to telephone them. After being put on hold was told that the item had been sold in store on the day it was ordered and now they are going to refund us to pay pal account...that hasn't helped the emergency need for a phone..will definitely not use again.

Jul 22, 2014

Very impressed

Purchased an iPod from one of their stores online. Was told it was dispatched and two/three days later arrived and works fine. Will look to use Cash Generator again in the future.

Jul 21, 2014

Awful Customer Service

I have used cash generator a couple times, and did not have any problem with the service, however this time they did not send my the entire product listed, I contacted the store and they never got back to me, I will no longer be using their service as I do not feel you can rely on them

Jul 21, 2014

vey very very happy

i bought an external hard drive at just £30 fot 1tb as i have one like it already and im very very pleased and it was sent so fast as well ..will be shopping here regularly

Jul 21, 2014

Still waiting for items to arrive (Not now) Refunded after one month of dispute

Just bought a Wii game at the [email protected] . Been a week now and still no game here! Slow!

Well after a couple of weeks and after a pay-pal resolution dispute finally got my money back from the company. Still thought I had to contact them in order for them to get them to apologise. The Stores lack of communication and after e-mails the store still did not contact back. The customer services department did apologise, again this is when I had contacted them. I did request that the store in question to e-mail to apologise, it seems that Cash Generators cannot be bother to contact the store to make them apologise, The customer service department apologised of their the stores. After waiting almost a month to get my money back after non-delivery and this was through PayPal Frustration is not the word. I am so glad that I did pay with PayPal otherwise money owed to me probably would have not been recovered. My advice will be to visit the store if you are located near and not use the on-line website as this could potential lead to a situation I had experienced.

For the generic reply below from Cash Generator! I have already contacted customer services.. This was after I managed to acquire my money back from you from PayPal.

Still awaiting that store to apologise for their failings and at least accept some form of responsibility regarding the issue.

An internal review is going to be done! Em! sounds like some sort of PR exercise to the brutally honest.

My opinion go to Cash Convertors! They seem to be a little bit switched on and on the ball.....

Buyer beware with Cash Generator! I dont suppose Cash Generator would read and reply without a generic

"Thank you for your recent review on Trust Pilot. We are sorry to hear that you have not received your item. If you are still awaiting a resolution, please contact our customer service team by emailing [email protected] so we can assist you further. We appreciate your feedback and we hope you will consider using our services again in future.
Kind Regards,
Customer Service"

See I can do that!

Jul 20, 2014

Impossible to fault

Outstanding price, well packaged and arrived very quickly. Would definitely use again.

Jul 20, 2014

Can't beat a bargain

Bought a bush DAB radio online from the stevenage store to use in work, the radio is great not brilliant but certainly worth the £14.99 that I paid for it (plus £4.99 delivery) which I thought was fair, didn't come with 3.5mm aux lead that was advertised but this isn't a problem as I have quite a few of them already. Delivery was a tad longer than I expected but it got here in the end and thus far no problems so very happy with purchase, as above a great bargain as it's a stereo radio and bush is a decent make not sure how much they currently retail for but I'd imagine it would be quite a bit more than £14.99!

Jul 20, 2014

Not what it said it was

Said it was a xbox 360 accessory and when it arrived it was for original xbox one disappointed little boy...

Jul 20, 2014

Let down by forgetting to refund me

I purchased and paid for an item advertised on your web site. Order confirmation sent to me as normal. After a week the item had not arrived so I phoned the store to ask when it had been posted. The sales assistant said that the item had been sold in the shop and for some reason it had not been removed from the website. I asked why I had not had my payment refund and the reply was that they had forgotten.
Normally the service works well but in this instant the service is poor. as of yet my payment has not been cancelled or refunded.

Jul 19, 2014

i have not received anything and am annoyed

Had a dispatch notice on Monday and have not received purchase. Rubbish.

Jul 19, 2014

very quick delivery and well packaged

Very quick delivery and well packaged. Will definately use them again.

Jul 19, 2014

Appalling Service

Very bad experience, I was told my game was sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded, and as I live in London already I expected to receive my game the next day from Dagenham. However, even after 5 days I didn't receive my game; they also "lost" the receipt which had the tracking number. As a result of this, I don't think they even dispatched my game. I've had better experience receiving mail via 2nd class from other senders but can't believe that a first class mail would get lost.

Jul 19, 2014

Very poor, will not use again!

After waiting a week I tried to contact Cash generator as I had not received my order. After no response to my email I tried to call the store but no answer, finally got through the following day only to be told the shop was busy and they would call me back!!! My custom not as important it seems. When I was called back the person didnt know what had happened and said needed to look into it and again get back to me. Now another 5 days later I am still waiting. Having phoned the store and been told its his day off I have to wait further. This was meant to be my sons birthday present, his birthday has been and gone and until I get my money back I can't sort him an alternative. Very poor service, very disappointed and hope it doesn't drag out any longer!

Jul 18, 2014

Faulty iPhone

Brought iPhone 5s for £350, phone arrived next day but was faulty. Emailed Cash Generator store, no reply - rang, told to phone back the next day as the manager was on a day off!! Was finally told that I could get a refund as long as I had returned the correct phone!!!

Jul 18, 2014

Excellent value and service

Ordered a ps3 (including leads and official controller) for £70.20 including postage. Expected delivery to Northern Ireland was 3-5 days and it arrived on the 3rd day. Was well packaged and in great condition.

Jul 17, 2014

bought an xbox one when it come it was broke

Bought an xbox one had it delivered wen it come it was broke I contacted Microsoft direct as it was a known fault on them and they replaced it... so to me cash generator sold me a broken xbox not happy as my son was in tears for his birthday cos his computer was broke

Jul 17, 2014

fast. good fdeal

Good deal

Jul 17, 2014

Always willing to deal fairly

I have had no bad experiences with CG if im looking to raise a bit of cash or looking for a bargain its all there and a great website too i will be going back time after time

Jul 16, 2014

Very disappointing

I ordered an item from Cash Generator well in advance of my holiday. It never arrived and I received no response to my e-mails. On my return from holiday, I find the order has been cancelled and my payment refunded but no explanation or apology. I won't be using this service again.

Jul 16, 2014

Wrong TV Sent

Waited over a week for the Combi DVD/TV to arrive ,TV arrived today but it was a TV only No DVD and was mucky , rang the store who said it is listed as a Combi TV ,so it has to be collected Tomorrow and I have had to order from another store ,so at the moment I am not too impressed.
All staff I spoke to were polite ,but the Ashton Store would not help with another Combi TV unless I paid more

Jul 16, 2014

pretty good i guess

All in all pretty good but still waiting for my goods to arrive with no real indication of how long ill be waiting

Jul 16, 2014

Generally poor service, shame as decent prices.

Within the last couple of months I have had several problems.Firstly, I bought a Sony mobile phone which was delivered with no charger. After contacting the store and being promised one will be sent--still waiting a month later. Secondly, I bought a Canon Ixus from your Peckham store, no despatch details sent, contacted store after 6 days to be told it had already been sold, I was refunded. Thirdly, I bought another camera from the same store, again no despatch details, after contacting the Manager the following week, I was told the shop had no cameras for sale and should have been removed from website. Refund given. Fourthly, I bought a Acer tablet, in the description was a A500 10" tablet but on arrival, it was a 7" tablet. Collected by courier and refunded.
After this catalogue of problems I am very wary of purchasing. In addition, I find that photos and descriptions on your site are very poor and this could greatly be improved.

Jul 16, 2014

easy to use website, fast delivery but with some issues

I thought the website was easy to use and the products came quickly. I bought 2 3DS' that were from 2 different stores. However there was a definite difference in quality. One was in superb condition and all checked and unlocked. The other was in not such good condition, dirty and not unlocked ready for someone else to use. I have had to send it in to the manufacturing company so that my son can use it.

Jul 15, 2014

Excellent product perfectly discribed and great price

Bought a old iPod nano because there is no noise limit iPod was in great condition have loaded a load of albums on played and checked and mechanically it's great as well great buy great price :)

Jul 15, 2014

Great product, good price, very fast delivery! Thank you!

Great company to buy from, good website, accurate description, good prices, great delivery. Thank you for being so reliable!

Jul 15, 2014

Cheap items but overpriced p&p

I bought a ps1 and a ps1 memory card separately. The console itself turned up in a broken up box held together with celotape but the console itself was wrapped in bubble wrap so not all bad. As for the memory card. It arrived long after the console did which is weird considering it's a smaller item as was actually located closer to me than the console. It arrived and as you would expect I was all excited to start retro gaming. Spent 5 hours playing final fantasy 7 then saved it and turned off the playstation. When I came back a few hours later, I switched it on got the game up to the loading part when it said the memory card needed formatting and wiped everything of it. It has repeated SIX TIMES!!! So one experience was good. The other was awful and paying over £2 for postage was ridiculous for a memory card. Overall not happy and would like a full refund!!!

Jul 15, 2014

Item disappeared from stock ....again.

Isn't it strange how often you get the message "this item is no longer available" ? Happened to me a couple of times now on what appears to be a bargain item- I haven't tried to buy more than 3 tems from them, online. Not worth the effort of scrolling through the poor search features to get this result in my opinion.

Jul 15, 2014

Great service

Item was received extremely quickly. Unfortunately there was no charger but when I telephoned the store they immediately looked into the matter and explained it to me. I was more than happy with how they dealt with my order and the charger situation. Really good customer service.

Jul 14, 2014

Was a good package

Received a got Nintendo wii bundle however the games did not seem to Work so I was able to swap them

Jul 14, 2014

Do not respond to emails

Have sent several emails about the item I bought as described in good condition but arrived in quite bad condition and have never had any response and ended up sending item back and still have had no response.
Will not be using again

Jul 14, 2014

Quick Easy service

Quick and easy service thoughout from start to finish. I use cash generator in my local town but its a big bonus being able to shop online thoughout all there shops,its just a pity my local store dont update what they have to sell very often as i find it better to shop online than go into town which i dont do very often anymore.Look forward to buying my next item with great service all round.

Jul 14, 2014

Amazing deal, next day delivery and great customer service!

I was able to speak with the online staff to secure a better deal for my handset; which was greatly appreciated. I also received the handset the next day...which I was not expecting. The handset was in better condition than projected which was also a happy surprise.

Jul 14, 2014

all good

The product conforms to the description and fast delivery

Jul 13, 2014


I carefully choose the kinect I wanted I already knew I had a phat console which needed the necessary usb adapter with power supply I even paid the £10 more expensive to make sure I had the correct one the website even said this kinect has the adapters necessary for the phat 360 console so when it arrived without the adapters necessary imagine how upset I was then when I contact the shop through email and 3 days later they dont reply and leave me having to purchase the adapter on ebay I feel really really let down I just thought this online shop was better than this but it seems I was so wrong :'(

Jul 13, 2014

Fast communication before purchase and excellent after sales

When I contacted the store before purchase they quickly replied to my email answering all my queries. Once I had ordered, they dispatched within a few hours and parcel was well packaged with plenty of bubble wrap as protection (iPhone 5s). Can't fault them at all - excellent service and ultimately a perfect product for a very very reasonable price. Thank you cash generator!

Jul 13, 2014

First class service

Received new bicycle exactly as described on website.
Very fast delivery from Manchester to Scotland. Arrived within 3 days of ordering.
Packaged well although unfortunately the disc brake had been rubbing on the frame in transit and removed some of the paintwork. Hence 4 stars rather than 5.
Nevertheless, very pleased with transaction. Would use Cash Generator again.

Jul 12, 2014

excellent company will use again

Could not have been more helpful, when I called with a problem, which they sorted out in 2 seconds for me. I will recommend family and friends to Cash Generators for there professionalism and customer care.

Jul 11, 2014

Speedy Service First Time!!

Couldn't ask for a better site to have visited to get what I needed. I was after a guitar stand for a flower display for a funeral. I found what I needed with ease, it didn't cost the earth, was dispatched the same day and delivered a couple of days later. I couldn't have asked for a better service first time round. I'd certainly visit their site again if I ever needed anything in a rush or even just fancy purchasing something nice!!

Jul 11, 2014

fast delivery, excellent product as described

I have now bought 3 phones from cash generator, all arrived promptly, in excellent condition as described and at a great price. I have and will continue to recommend this store.

Jul 11, 2014

Most certainly not staffed by "Muppets"!

I ordered an X-Box 360 with Kinect online and even got a slight discount. There was an issue with the website, not clearing the basket after it had processed my order. Within 5 minutes of me sending an email enquiry to check if the order was through, I got a phone call to confirm all was fine. Very impressed!

I then got a second call on the Monday about a problem with the postage/courier. When I called back the gentleman was VERY helpful and apologised for making a mistake when his colleague had initially thought that they didn't deliver to my area. His light-hearted reference to his colleague being a "Muppet" was very amusing and self-denigrating. Kept me smiling for a while!

Happily this company is not staffed by "Muppets", but instead by friendly, professional staff who really seem to care about the service offered and don't shy away from engaging with their customers. A very refreshing experience not to be dealing with a "robot" at the end of the phone.

My package arrived safely, two days later and was in top condition.

Thanks for the service and I will recommend this company to others without hesitation.

Jul 11, 2014

Terrible & disappointing

A week after ordering my product I receive an email to say it's not available any more & you'd be 'happy' to refund my money.

I purchased this camera for my little boy, he has been crazy waiting for the postman every day expecting it to arrive. This morning I had to tell him that it wasn't coming.

I'm not happy and I haven't received my refund yet. :(

Jul 10, 2014

was very pleased with my purchase from cash generator

I ordered a samsung galaxy s3 as i lost my 1 and it got delivered in 3 days everything was in full working order and would definitly order from them again. Would recommend them ti my friends and family

Jul 10, 2014

Very good price and reliable delivery

Hi guys thank you for the amazing deal that I got on my iPad I love my new toy. Very good price and quick and speedy delivery delivered on the day that I requested. I will be recommending to family and friends. Thanks again :)

Jul 10, 2014

One day delivery on an excellent item, thanks.

I only paid for standard delivery but my item was sent out with next day delivery. I'm really pleased with the phone, the price and the condition that it is in.
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