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Jun 20, 2014

very happy

Great doing business with cash generators, order arived very quickly i was more than pleased will defiantly buy from them again thank you

Jun 20, 2014

Good Service, Good Product, Good Value

I purchased an Ipad 2 3G from Cashgenerators uk for £140, It was sold as fully working with faulty WIFI, the product arrived very quickly in excellent condition apart from a slight mark on the rear cover. The IPAD 2 is up and working OK now having set up WIFI correctly. Very pleased with service, value and delivery. I have used them before and service it is hit and miss depending upon which store you deal with. This time was a good result and I would reccommend them.

Jun 20, 2014

perfect. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Use this company few times. Got camera, printer,and phone from company. All items were excellent condition and work excellent and price were barging. Best company ever. Every single purchase were excellent fast delivery.

Jun 20, 2014

Not happy

I ordered an Xbox 360 online on the 17/06/2014 and it said next day delivery if ordered by 3pm and it is now the 20/06/2014 and I'm still waiting I'm not happy at all !!

Jun 19, 2014

Cheap, quick, perfect

Bought an ipod touch from Cash Generator as it was a good bit cheaper than elsewhere. No complaints at all, it arrived within a few days and was in good condition. I would definitely use again

Jun 19, 2014

Not good no communication

Had laptop from them item sent out late no communication unless you contact them first.item not cleaned need to up there game a bit

Jun 19, 2014


Took my money. A few days later got a message saying it had been dispatched. After another 2 weeks i rang them and they said they had sold it in store. They said they would refund me by the end of the day. They didn't i had to claim through paypal and wait another 10 days for them to claim the money back.

These guys are worth avoiding.

Was the stratham store

Jun 19, 2014


The item was well packaged and delivered quickly.Excellent service!

Jun 18, 2014

PS3 super slim 12GB

No problem with used, BUT it looks to have been repaired, feet bungs missing which covered access screws and security stick tampered with. I emailed them asking if it was repaired (not worried about second hand) the store never replied back.

Jun 18, 2014

great value for money.

I've been after one of these badboys for ages now,and couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across your website.The item was exactly as described,and was dispatched very quickly.I received it today,and after a little clean and setup,it works fine.A very happy buying experience,and would certainly buy again.

Jun 18, 2014

NO resonse whatsoever, from the evaluation of my items ( sent to rochdale branch)

Very unprofessional , wont be selling to cash generator again

Jun 18, 2014

Absolutely terrible dont buy from these

Bought two wii consoles, one didnt turn up and i was told it was due to website problems even know I had emailed and they confirmed it would be sent the day after email it was never sent out. They gave me a refund when i asked about it, but would not send out a different console as the one I bought had sold in store after me purchasing it. Second one came quickly but missing the wii sports disc that was described as included and had a broken disc tray. Dont waste your time absolutely terrible company.

Jun 18, 2014


bought a teac dab radio -on receipt remote missing along with iPod clip on units instructions etc etc -only body of unit and power supply sent- and unit does not operate without remote-as if the shop did not know this already!!!

Jun 18, 2014

Even better than description.

Really pleased with phone.
Posted with in an hour of purchase, arrived the next day.
Would certainly buy from again.Thanks

Jun 18, 2014

It just runs on cash, like a diesel generator runs on diesel. It actually generates frustration.

Ordered a cheap small tv. They sent me the wrong tv. They immediately apologise, offer me a partial refund (nowhere near enough) or to have it picked up and refunded. I would have taken the refund but I can't use the tv, it does not have the ypbpr input that I need. At this point I do wish that I had taken the money, sold the tv on ebay and bought the right tv. As it would have been easier, taken less time and I am sure caused me less frustration than dealing with cashgenerators. But it seemed like such a loss as the tv they sent me was cheaper than the one I ordered and their refund didn't seem to factor that in.

I asked if could take it into the local store and maybe they could even ship the correct tv there and we could just swap. But they are franchises and this is not an option. As they are franchises I suppose I have to single out the ashton store for its incompetence. But customer services have been very quiet. And they keep emailing me asking for feedback on my purchase! I'll give you feedback!

I asked if they could collect it on the weekend they said no. I finally asked for a larger partial refund. They had maintained that I could sell the tv to my local cashgenerator and with their partial refund it would make back my money. I was extremely wary as I assumed that would be final and I would not be able to contest it if did not turn out in my favour. So I had found a listing of the tv they sent me online, actually from cashgenerators. The local store wouldn't give me half as much as the guy had claimed. I was very glad I had not taken him up on his offer, but as I said above I do regret not taking it initially and selling it on ebay. Again purely to avoid the frustration caused by

They are insisting on using ukmail for a pickup (anyone familiar with ukmail will know my fear). Ukmail only do a 8am-6pm window. They can't give you a slot or warning and will not tell you if you have been cancelled and the delivery/pickup is not coming today. I automatically assume that any company that insists on using ukmail hates its customers.

I have been waiting since monday morning for them to confirm that they are going to pick it up on thursday tomorrow. It's midday wednesday now. But I have to arrange to be home and if they don't confirm soon I'm going to have a day at home for no reason. Not to mention that they shrink wrapped the thing sending it so I have to box or somehow pack a tv sufficiently which I am ill prepared for.

The tv cost about £60. I have never become this stressed over such a small amount. But I feel like I am being robbed.

They won't use a good courier, they wont give me a reasonable partial refund, they insist on a weekday pickup, they wont let me physically take into a store, they are messing me around on delivery dates and it looks like I have a day off tomorrow that I don't need.

I mean really?

And after all of this is sorted I still need a tv, ideally the tv that I ordered.

Jun 18, 2014

Arrived on time but details missed out

My purchase arrived on Saturday but half of my parcel was not wrapped, nor protected. And it arrived on the end that was unprotected. I thoroughly read through the description to make sure everything was included and they forgot to mention the adaptor or batteries were not included and I now have to pay £26 for one, this is 2/3 of the price I actually paid for my purchase. Very unhappy

Jun 18, 2014

great packaging

great items. fast delivery. will buy again

Jun 18, 2014

fast and reliable

Very fast dispatch times and helpful staff. The v product was fantastic and a bargain and arrived next day, I will be ordering again

Jun 17, 2014

Great Price, Great Service

Was very impressed with cash generator's service was very pleased

Jun 17, 2014

Good service

Good service fast delivery never had any problems

Jun 17, 2014

Excellent i would Definatley recommend

Very fast delivery arrived next day and very good customer service :)

Jun 17, 2014

Laptop screen was broken on delivery.

Received my laptop which i paid for.I switched it on and discovered that the screen was broken.Contacted Cash Generator Ilford branch fews minutes later to report it.still waiting for the item to be collected and my refund.

Jun 16, 2014

China Perfection

For 12 long years I have sought her, when I finally found her via an internet seach I had 2 options, pay £175 to dealer or £20 to Cash Generator. Should I go with the well established specialist dealer or trust the description given on Cash Generator, the dealer where I knew this would be the genuine article or Cash Generator who I had never dealt with before. I trusted CG and she is the genuine article, she is The Countess of Chell, a Royal Doulton figurine from the Arnold Bennett collection, she is the rarest of the group, in perfect condition and after a long search she is mine. Pleased does not come close to expressing how I feel, ordered and delivered 48 hrs later, a great service.

Jun 16, 2014

hey wow

very good no problems quick delivery

Jun 16, 2014

Oh dear....

Ordered and paid for 2 tomtom satnav devices. 1st order got cancelled and the 2nd one turned up and was incorrect. Meant well but hopeless.

Jun 16, 2014

Variable service - but you can get big bargains!

I frequently purchase from various Cash Generator stores - some are excellent and friendly, others aren't (and you wonder how they ever sell anything), but that's like anything really. It's still a great place to seek for bargains but you do have to look hard as not everything is, just do your research and if you're not sure (or feel something is under-described) call the store. Purely from personal experience, I prefer Cash Generator to the other major UK pawnbroker.

Jun 16, 2014

Rubbish customer service

I ordered an xbox it was broken, I returned it after waiting several days for it to be collected, then after a week of not hearing from them and them pretending to ring me back I rang them again and insisted on a refund, I still have no refund as promised on Friday. I was told it would be refunded that day.

Jun 16, 2014

complaint dealt with speed and efficent

Purchased ps3 super slim but found controller was damaged emailed Cashgenerater my compliant was dealt with speed and efficiently .I have no hesitation in dealing with Cashgenerater and look forward to dealing with them in the near future . Regards R Murray

Jun 16, 2014

Items not as described

I bought plenty in the past from cash generator sometimes its great, other times you buy something as a collectable, to find out that it's got scratches and the descriptions are not detailing items correctly - which can effect it's future value. Not good feels like I've been conned or cash generator do not examine items correctly.

Jun 16, 2014

Pleased with service apart from having to collect item and pay a postage fee

My item hadn't arrived so I called up and was told they have receipt of posting and was posted 6 days ago. On the 7th day I get a card from the post office saying they have a parcel for me but I need to pay outstanding postage of £1.73, the item they had was from cash generator the parcel didn't have any stamps or showing any postage paid at all. Not very good getting the customer to pay postage twice!

Jun 16, 2014

Great service, fast delivery

Guitar arrived well packaged, as described and very quickly

Jun 16, 2014

Fast, safe and good quiality.

I bought an acoustic guitar on offer from Cash Generators in Blackburn on 7th June 2014.

I was informed when it was dispatched which was the very same day and I received the guitar very well packed on Wednesday 11th June 2014.

So delivery was excellent, communication was excellent and I was very pleased with the product, which had been accurately described in the particulars of sale .

Altogether a very satisfactory transaction and I would not hesitate to but from Cash Generators again.
In fact this was my second purchase, the first was equally satisfactory.

Jun 15, 2014

All good except the unreliable courier used!

I bought two things from separate shops. Although the first item didn't come the next day as the sales rep thought it did come quite quickly. The second had it's postage label mixed up with an item for someone else, which I appreciate can happen occasionally.

The sales staff asked me to chase the courier UKMail to collect the unwanted item but getting hold of the courier proved impossible and sales staff then agreed to chase the courier. However, the sales staff didn't seem to have any control over the courier either. Thereafter the problem was really that the courier was just terrible, including sending a text to say that they would come at a certain time and not turning up and apparently losing my item for a while. Meantime, I saw that many people have had trouble with this same courier firm.

While the courier is a third party, bottom line is, although they are very cheap it seems a false economy for CashGenerator to use them as the courier seems to be just awful at delivering and collecting things and gives what could be a great thing a bad name!

Jun 15, 2014


A got a blackberry playbook the other day was only £39.99 a ordered it, came in 3 days was like new .av not really put it down yet very happy.

Jun 15, 2014

the item was as described on the web site with fast deliverey


Jun 14, 2014

Item arrived within a week. It worked OK when tested.

In my opinion you need more photographs and better description of good and bad points of items plus the age and model.
The BT phone I bought had minor scratches on the display glass which were not described or pointed out in photos. This makes it difficult had I wanted to return it as you could say I did it. If items were more comprehensively and accurately described this makes it clear to vendor and purchaser what they are looking at.

Jun 14, 2014

brilliant value for money.

This is the first order i have placed and i will definitely but from you again

Jun 14, 2014

Overall good/ Need more organisation as some iteams had already sold.


Jun 14, 2014

Highly recommended

I have purchased a lot of items from various shops and have to say service great,good prices and fast delivery too so I cannot recommend Cash Generators high enough for the service I have had from them

Jun 14, 2014

Excellent Service

Service is excellent delivery straight away

Jun 14, 2014

West Ealing Store appalling customer service and lies.

Bought a second hand cheap mobile to replace my broken phone which is in for repair. Bought it on the 10th June at 10 minutes past 11 in the morning. I have purchased a lot of laptops etc from this company at 2 in the afternoon and all were delivered next day. But this store has been ignoring e-mails regarding supplying a tracking number. I was expecting it to be delivered on the 11th by UKMAIL but no tracking number was supplied but they marked it as shipped on paypal on the 10th . so the 11 th comes and nothing is delivered. 12th comes again nothing is received mailed them again, and again they didn't even call or e-mail me back. 13th comes and still nothing another 3 e-mails sent and guess what NOTHING. So I copy all e-mails and send to their head office. Call them on Saturday at 9.50 am and they say they will call me back. (little did we know it was the manager I spoke to.) she didn't call us back so yet again another phone call and we get a sarky employee saying what the manger hasn't phoned you back in a sarky tone. She puts the manager on who says it was posted on the Thursday by ukmail. but guess what they don't have a tracking number or a consignment number ???? So I run a company and use ukmail on a daily basis. The manager says ukmail website is down (its not ) I phone and trace by postcode. They have all my other deliveries over the last 3 months but nothing is in the system for us to be delivered today Saturday or Monday. So another call back to the store to tell them this was resulted in UKMAIL cant track by postcode (oh really I beg to differ) I use them all the time with no problems. And that their systems are warming up. Funny enough I can hear the said systems making sales in the background. (I am also a I.T System Manger) I don't appreciate being lied to. If it hasn't been shipped just say so. I have now logged a complaint and logged a dispute with paypal to get my money back. By the time I get this phone I will have no use for it. Note to the AREA MANGER FOR THE WEST EALING STORE. I don't suffer fools gladly and I don't appreciate being lied to. I am still waiting on an e-mail with the tracking that was promised by the manager. I suggest you have a word directly with the person who owns the franchise, as this level of lies is shocking. As I understand they have standards to be met and that they have fell well below these standards. I thaink maybe withdrawing them from using the on line website for a few months. As they don't seem too fussed about on line orders. I wont be using this store EVER again. IF YOU CALL ANY CASH GENERATOR STORES. RECORD THE TELEPHONE CALL AND POST IT TO YOUTUBE (IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS) FOR ALL TO SEE THE LIES THAT THEY TELL YOU.

Jun 14, 2014

Received phone as described in 4 days, delivery was £1.99

Would buy again

Jun 14, 2014

very annoying

Brought a portable dvd player , great price good delivery then it wouldnt even turn on you'd of thought it would of been tested before being sent out person pon phone didnt even seem shocked when i rang to say wasnt working , so wait in all day for dvd player to be collected that was monday ive sent an email no reply im sorry but takes two mins to reply also no sign of my refund , very bad service defo wont be recommending to any friends or family

Jun 14, 2014

Brilliant product price and service

Received item very quickly it was well packed and worked perfectly I am very happy with the product comms and service

Jun 13, 2014

The service was good , but the Xbox control was broke . So they do not check stock before they send it out .

Control was broken , they must not of check before sending out .

Jun 13, 2014

excellent fast service

Excellent service..exactly what it said on the delivery..If I had to fault with anything it was that the item had come from a smokers house which wasn't mentioned in the original it needed a really good wipe down and a good airing before use..but thats it so overall fast, efficient, and reliable.

Jun 13, 2014


Im a eBay nut but couldn't find what i wanted for the price i payed at cash generator,so happy days!

Jun 13, 2014

Good communication. Item as described

Overall a vey positive experience. I had to ask for the tracking number and courier but the store has no issues with providing this information. I'll def be using again in the future.

Jun 13, 2014

Will never use again!!

I bought a kindle fire online as a presnt for my little sister (who has aspergers) she was patiently waiting for this to come, only to find out, 4 days after I'd ordered the product and the money had been taking out of my account, that the item was not in stock and they would give me a refund. My sister was devastated, she couldn't understand how it could happen and she started panicking about when my money would come back and what would she
do until I got it back. It came back the next day, but I will never use cash generators again! I went to one of there competitors and they were brilliant and helped my sister loads

Jun 13, 2014

Full of lies...

I had purchased 2 items on Sunday afternoon, a ps3 controller and ps3 lego marvel.

I contacted both stores to confirm the order, only to be told that someone else had purchased the controlled online too, but a good 6 hours after me, anyhow they were sold the item and I had to go without, even though I bought it first.... Not impressed!!

Second item (the game) Lee at the Basildon Store confirmed my order and said it was being sent that same day... So I sat on my hands and waited, 4 days later I gave Lee a call only to be told that the game had been sold in the shop on the Wednesday, so 3 days after it was apparently posted?!?

My issue is that neither of the shops attempted to contact me, neither apologised, neither were interested is resolving this issues.
I had to chase them both up and Lee clearly Lied to me.

First time I've ordered from these cowboys, never again!!!!

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