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Jan 24, 2017

Reliable and Perfect!! 100% Efective

I bought an Iphone 6 on ebay. The seller said that was unlocked so i finished the transaction. Unfortunately, the phone was not unlocked and I can´t use the phone. I live in Chile so my options were really few...I contacted DoctorUnlock and I tried to use the first option to unlock it. But, the phone had another condition and it was necessary to use the second option. DoctorUnlock had me informed all the time through the tracking option. Today I received an email indicating that the process was completed. I put my simcard and just do it! The iphone is unlocked. I not trusted in this kind of site, but I have to eat my words. DoctorUnlock is an excellent an reliable site. Five Star. Use this site with total confidence. Thanks a lot for youe service.

Jan 22, 2017

Unlocked from Sprint USA

I posted my review on trustpilot also and I still stand by my original praise for this company.. I am a real person that feels compelled to praise the service received... I again would like to add that before purchasing the service don't expect to pay close to nothing ( I don't know what 19 pounds equals out to the dollar) but all the bad reviews I've seen are for the cheapest service offered for the unlock which from what I read for the bad reviews was some type of preorder charge... You folks expect a lot for very little...and I'm willing to call you out on you never finished paying your device off and want the cheapest way possible to jump ship with your stop being cheap and pay for the correct service and double check your information before submitting. It took 7 days including the non working weekend for my iPhone 6 locked to Sprint was unlocked and now being used on another carriers I stated in my other review I will use this service again in the future and will also refer others to this service...thanks again for delivering as promised

Jan 16, 2017

Unlocked iPhone 6

Service was really good! Don't hesitate to unlock your device with them. Took about 2 days to unlock my iPhone. I have no complaints

Dec 27, 2016

All good in my hood!

Despite a few bad reviews, I took the risk and unlocked my iPhone 6s. It took a full day, but I woke up to the success email and everything works great! Yay!!!

Dec 15, 2016

Good job

Aish they take long but they good..

Nov 28, 2016



Nov 9, 2016


Let me give you the run down real quick! I went to UnlockRiver first to get my iPhone unlocked, after AT&T refused to unlock my 6s plus. UnlockRiver charged me about 90 dollars to unlock my phone regardless of status. After waiting 2 weeks, UnlockRiver sends me an e-mail saying that there server is down and that I would be receiving a refund (which I have now received). But as most of you may know, 2 weeks is a LONG time when you have the SIM card, just waiting to pop that mug in and get moving. So, in desperation (but still skeptical), I tried because they have gotten a ton of good reviews (but anyone can make up their own reviews right?!). Wrong! These people are the truth...and let me tell you why. My phone is not paid off, so I would obviously need the Premium Package (which is a bit more expensive...actually a lot more expensive), however, there is not an option for Premium up front. I think that DoctorUnlock does not want to rip people by charging them 100 dollars off up front when they only need a 20 dollar fix (Thank you IMEI). So after about 3 days, they message me saying that I need to upgrade to Premium (which I had already known, so I was expecting it). I paid the difference and they informed me that it could take up to 20 more business days (don't worry, this is worst case). Four days later...BOOM diggity! AT&T sent me a confirmation of unlock even before the tracker said it was complete. I put the new SIM in, plugged it into iTunes to activate, and almost jizzed my pants when I saw that succulent unlock confirmation screen! So, all in all, it took about a week! So what, you wait a little bit, and its done. I am so grateful. I know that it seems fishy because you dont want to throw away 100 dollars, but it is legit. Thanks again IMEI.

Oct 20, 2016

Job Well Done

Great Service. At first I was quite skeptical but I took the leap of faith and through the Grace of The Lord Almighty we're back on and no one can stop us from now. Took a tad bit longer than expected but hey, don't quality things always take time to happen? No complaints.

Oct 8, 2016

Great service

I purchased on ebay. It was advertised as a return. The said it had an icloud lock but I just thought that ment it was frozen and perhaps needed a reset. This was really helpful.

Oct 4, 2016

Good service

Sep 29, 2016


I'm just a student in Vancouver, BC who found a great deal on an ipad, but unfortunately it had an icloud lock to it. . I love this service. It got done in under 5 days!!!! Guys this is legit. You guys made my day.

Sep 23, 2016

iCloud unlock

Wow awesome service I had my iPad unlocked from the privious owners iCloud account in just 24 hours this service is very great and I will have no problem recommending it to others

Sep 14, 2016

Iphone 5s Tracfone USA

Stupendous Service guys. Customer service responds very fast. Thanks to My Iphone 5s was unlocked it's a Tracfone USA. Tracking order progress circle is great feature.Thank you so much.

Sep 14, 2016



Sep 14, 2016

Wow, I didn’t think this would work..

So If your reading this review your probably super paranoid you’re going to lose your $20-40 on unlocking your phone. Im normally a very careful person, I check reviews on everything before purchasing, whether its hotels, phones, cars, vacation spots. Everything! So when I came upon this site and it said $28 to unlock my locked iphone 5.. I first checked this site and saw great reviews… they even offer a refund or credit if it didn’t work… so I figured lets give it a try.

Sure enough, my iPhone was unlocked within 48 hrs and I am so excited to use my old phone! Made my first phone call this morning! 

Sep 3, 2016

Fantastic Service

I had this device that I struggled with for as long as I remember, I finally gave up, I had felt pretty helpless and saw almost no point of fixing it. (It had baseically became like a brick that has no uses) and than I stumbled upon DoctorUnlock.Net, which to be honest is the best thing that had happen to me. I wanted an iCloud removal service, and after some time and struggling trying to remove it. I had finally got the email in which their team congratulated me that had finally worked! And now my iPad works perfectly! Their team always sent me emails and updated me with everything that was going on. They were patient and kind and very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone who is facing problems with their devices. It's fast and perfect!

Aug 23, 2016


I was so happy to finally find a legitimate website. Entered my IMEI, and received it within the time frame they gave me. I'm very happy, I thought the phone is dead because I called Apple to help me out from the iCloud activation.

Aug 21, 2016

Iphone 6 unlock for Sprint

I paid the $84.00 dollar unlocking fee and even though I had to wait a little longer than what was specified I have no complaints what so ever. I am grateful that I am able to use my Iphone 6 instead of it just collecting dust. Sprint is one of the harder companies to get your phone unlocked from and they did it, so why would I complain about a little extra time when this company did me a favor. THANK YOU and I will be placing another order to unlock my son's Iphone also.

Aug 1, 2016


So quick and easy will be using in future for al iCloud unlocks i need

Jul 26, 2016

Kinda good

Okay so i had one iphone to unlock and i paid for and they couldn't do it.They said they can give me my money back but they gave me a vaucher which is cool.But now when i wanted to unlock my other iphone their service is down...bad luck or ??
but overall they're cool.

Jul 15, 2016

Got my sim unlocked,but...

My phone got unlocked in 2 weeks after I ordered it, i had ordered unlock sim and icloud service for my iphone6s+. I was so scared that they are a scam, I searched every review here and also facebook .And I checked the progress everyday but it stopped after it had reached 100%. Then they sent me an email said that my phone takes more time than normal. (They dont reply your emaill, dont scared, they are working on it).So I waited for five more days , its now completely unlocked!!
BUT my icloud activtation is still locked.. So my phone is still a stone for me, hope that they can get it done sooner, and ill be back to you guys who are having the same problem on your iphone.
DoctorUnlock is really not a scam (simlock unlockef)!!

Jul 14, 2016


iphone 4 iclound

Jul 10, 2016

It's been 8 days until now

It has been 6 days im waiting my iPhone 6S locked to sprint to be Unlocked..

I hope you do unlock it Because i have iCloud locked too that i need to unlock.

Jun 16, 2016


Bought the basic unlock but after waiting 2 days and finding out there was a balance on my phone was prompted to buy a premium unlock which was another $84..was hesitant but really had no choice so after buying it on a Friday the unlock process start on monday morning. On Wednesday it was about 50% complete and I was getting impatient so I decided to throw in my Sim card and it works so I started using the phone. Hopefully it doesn't mess it up lol but this does work and is worth the money if you have no other option.

Jun 1, 2016

Iphone Icloud Unlock

Best service available on market today
quick simple and easy!
love the service
awesome customer service
definitely will be using it again if I get another locked iCloud iPhone

May 15, 2016

Good way

Good & safe way to unlock iPhone

Mar 3, 2016

Amazing Work!!

My iphone 6 was locked onto sprint and they came through and unlocked it for ANY company in the U.S. is the best service you will ever get.

Feb 27, 2016

No Worries

I have an iPhone 6 that is still under contract from the previous owner. I thought I was stuck but these guys managed to get it unlocked in 8 working days. I was nervous the whole time and checked the status 10 times a day but this morning I got notification that it was successful. I turned on the phone and sure enough it was unlocked. I popped in my ATT SIM card and it worked perfectly. People kept telling me it will only work with international providers but that's not true. Both the old carrier (Tmobile) and my ATT carrier are USA providers and it works fine. I am so relieved and can't say enough good things about DoctorUnlock.Net.

Jan 22, 2016

Great service

Unlocked in 2 days, great service! Keep it up!

Jan 13, 2016


They've unlocked 10 units of iphone 6s plus, 7 out of 10 works instantly after their confirmation the other 3 took awhile because they need to verify it first. Their customer support is very good they will answer all your questions/inquiries . Im very happy good job!

Mar 26, 2015

Excellent service

My iPhone 4s was locked to three and unlocked in 9 hours.Thank you.A1+++++++++++

Reply from DoctorUnlock

You're welcome! We always do the best to unlock your iPhone asap :)

Mar 24, 2015


i can't believe how easy this was. my phone was locked to o2 and i wanted to switch to 3. i didn't have to do anything. just waited to get the email, then switched off the phone, changed the sim card, and voila.

Mar 23, 2015

Excellent Service at a Good Price They Always Deliver

Have used their services a few times now they are reasonably priced, always keep you informed with the progress and provide a quick hassle free service it's literally on unlock just plug in open iTunes and it's done.

Mar 22, 2015

Does what it says....

Got my iPhone 5c unlocked as it was on the Vodafone network, it took 5 days cost £49.99. You can check your order status and they also send an email when it's complete. Would defo use again as a lot of the shops in our town charge the same but takes 14 days!

Mar 22, 2015


Excellent and trustable site

Mar 19, 2015

Fast, effective, sorted

iPhone 5 locked to Vodafone, Vodafone less than useful/helpful when sought carrier unlock, 3 months and still not done, wanted to use 3 and giffgaff sims - DoctorUnlock had it sorted inside their advertised timeline, a smooth process. Will use company again.

Mar 19, 2015

Smooth, professional and trustworthy

From start to finish, they kept me in the loop to make sure I knew what was happening with email and status page on the website. Worth the money. I would do it again if I need the service.

Mar 15, 2015

Great service!

My iphone 4 was locked into Vodafone. My husband wanted to take the phone over but wanted to use GiffGaff, so I needed the phone unlocked. First of all, I thought about taking it into a shop, then saw on Google. Why bother going to a shop when the phone can be unlocked within the same time frame whilst not leaving your home. Sure enough, after five days I received an email telling me that my phone was unlocked. Sort of didn't expect it to work, but did what I was told on the email and, bingo, the phone was up and working on GiffGaff immediately! Comms and service were good and I would definitely recommend

Mar 13, 2015

Everything went in order

This was my second iPhone unlocket with their service. Both times, everything went alright, my phones were unlocked in proper order within the given timeframe.

Mar 12, 2015

good service

Even though it took couple of days linger than the posted timeframe, unlock was succesful.


Mar 9, 2015


Was very wary about getting iphone unlocked, but within 48hrs the phone was unlocked and working

Mar 7, 2015

Very Pleased

My iPhone 5s was locked to O2 and the whole process was very easy and the time frame was exactly as quoted, I would definitely use again.

Mar 7, 2015

Amazing service

I bought a phone off ebay that was locked to Softbank, but needed to put a Vodafone sim in it. I decided to chose this website because although it might seem a bit expensive it's worth it to get your iPhone properly unlocked, you just enter the imei code and it's all done within a couple of days. Great service, definitely recommend!

Mar 7, 2015

Unlocked IPhone 4

this is the best serivce i ever had, they kept their words and unlocked my tesco Iphone when no one could

thanks allot for the great service and will unlock more

Mar 3, 2015

Allright, but not what I searched for

I had an other problem that needed to be solved. The service here was very fast (unlocked within 3 days). So if you have that kind of problem, they solve it.

Mar 2, 2015

Great job

I live in USA and my iPhone 5s was unlocked to T-Mobile UK. My advice would be to never buy used phones without making sure it is unlocked.i am glade iphoneunlock U.K was able to resolve my issue fast and hustle free.

Feb 27, 2015

Quick and Efficient Service! Highly recommended.

What network it was locked to - and why you chose our service
-My Phone was locked to Softbank Japaan, and I chose this service due to the high recommendations on other sites and high rating reviews from past customers.

Why you wanted your iPhone unlocked
-I changed my network and forgotten that my iPhone is locked to Softbank. Thus I needed to get my iPhone unlocked asap.

Was the unlock delivered in a timely fashion?
-Very prompt unlock, was done in 2 days.

Did the service meet your expectations?
-Very easy unlock, just needed to insert new sim and it was unlocked automatically over wifi!

Would you use us again?
-There's no need to, but I will recommend the website!

Feb 26, 2015

Mi iphone estuvo bloqueado por Softbank JP, yo elegi este servicio porque lo vi muy confiable.
Quise desbloquear mi iphone para poder usarlo con cualquier empresa.
El tiempo estuvo razonable, dentro de lo indicado.
En realidad todas mis expectativas fueron satisfechas.
Pronto solicitare el servicio nuevamente.

Feb 24, 2015

Great service!

My iPhone 5 was locked to Vodaphone and I wanted to use it with an softbank sim-only contract. I chose, after reading positive reviews. The service wasn't the cheapest, but it was, I felt, a safe bet!
The unlock was delivered within the estimated timescale. I had absolutely no issues or problems and I would, without hesitation use them again and recommend them to anyone thinking of using their service!

Feb 23, 2015

Greag service

Got My iphone 6 on contract from softbank , And was told could not unlock until end of contract , Found this oficial mobile unlock service on Google search engane was a bit weary at first , I went to work overseas for 4 weeks , And when i came back My iphone 6 was unlocked to any network
Many thanks for your service , will use again
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