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Jan 14, 2015

Right on Time

I had an iPhone 4 locked but did not know what network it was locked, so I ordered a network check. They will always update you and inform you of the possible delivery date, and yes, they will deliver it on time. After that, I ordered an unlock, they informed memos fhe unlock delivery, and yes, it was delivered on time and without a hitch. Recommend service.

Jan 14, 2015

Wordwide unlock ing

That was soo fast and great service. Your are the best!

Jan 13, 2015

Nice n easy

Had a near new iPhone 5s locked to O2 and wanted to pass it on to my son who was on ee. Didn't know best way to go about it as I didn't really want to send it away so looked at this web site but like others was a bit skeptical, no need, it was simple and easy and although it took longer than expected, nearly a week, when I got the conformation e- mail I put in his SIM card and it was done, hassle free and the phone never left the house. Would definitely use again.

Jan 11, 2015

Can't believe my Iphone 4s is working!!!

Initially i had my doubts about making payments online,but wanted the gift from a US friend to work here in Zimbabwe.! Yes Zimbabwe. ..but These guys are professionals,
anyway tested waters by paying $1 to check if they would give the correct network my iPhone 4s was locked to (Tmobile USA)?.
Turns out they ( got it spot on!, so i risked my had earned ~$100 to have it the did !!! After a fews waiting days of which i don't hesitate to recommend to ANYONE, and is worth the wait!!...
Was elated when i got the email when i was away on bisiness in Tanzania,so had to wait just a bit long and now (11/1/15) the phone is working with Econet Zimbabwe.
Took them just under 5 days! From 2 to7 January to clear my online woes!!

Jan 11, 2015

Commendable service

Well it took about 9day for my iphone 6 to be unlocked (perhaps delay was due to year end holidays). Unlock is authentic, regular email and website updates and delivered over the air-awesome!.
I will definitely use service again though a bit pricey.

Jan 10, 2015

the service

My iPhone 5 was locked to Vodafone and i have chosen this service because i wanted to do it myself didn't want to send my phone away for couple days when it could be done by me in my house. i wanted my phone unlocked because i changed my network and required to use a different sim. it took 4 days i wish it could of been quicker. everything worked perfectly fine and managed to unlock with the instructions provided, yes it did meet my expectations it really provides what is been advertised, yes definitely and would also recommend to a friend

Jan 9, 2015

Amazing Quality Company

I had my iphone 4 which my son gave to me after he upgraded on O2 as i was with Giff Gaff was able to just pop in the sim Card But when I joined TalkTalk I got a free sim but as it was locked to O2 I needed to unlock my phone I tried O2 but they had no interest and said they could not or would not unlock it for me I searched online and came on at first I thought it was a bit Pricey but I went ahead and ordered the unlock process as it was over the Christmas period i thought it would take a while but it only took a week and hey presto my phone was unlocked Thumbs up for a very professional Company Definitly use this company again or recomend to anyone wanting to get there iphone unlocked use this Company.

Jan 7, 2015

Very happy!!

Needed my iphone 4s unlocking from vodafone and a friend told me about this site . I am not normally one for trusting these kind of websites but after reading a handful of reviews i decided to go ahead , I couldn't be happier as after 3 working days i got an email confirming that my phone was unlocked so i tried my new giffgaff sim card in it and it worked straight away.

I would recommend this site and would defiantly use it again.

Happy customer

Jan 6, 2015

Absolutely fantastic!!

Needed Iphone 4s on Vodafone unlocked and this site had great reviews, plus it seemed to be able to unlock phones within a short time frame, which worked well for me. Ordered unlock on Monday and was given a timeframe of 1-5 days. Surely enough, on Friday I received an email saying my phone had been unlocked. Fantastic service! Thank you Would definitely use again and recommend to all.

Jan 6, 2015

Good service

I like your service and your unlocking service very fast and better than other distributors

Jan 6, 2015

the best

fast and the best

Jan 5, 2015

Brilliant service!

My boyfriend bought a second hand phone and it was locked to O2 but he was on contract with 3, for a while he used the phone without the ability to text or use the phone without a wifi area but in the end I decided to go about trying to unlock it for him! A first a bit skeptical as I've heard lots about scam sites but Official iPhone Unlock were brilliant! Unlocked within the time stated and on a Saturday which was a nice surprise!

Would definitely recommend to others and if I need another phone unlocked I know exactly who I'm coming to. Thank you so very much!

Jan 4, 2015

It works but needs its time. Recommendation

I ordered the unlocking of my i-phone 4s on October 4th, 2014. Unlocking it took until December 8th, 2014.
The phone was net-locked to Softbank Japan and accepts now my German SIM-card which it didn't before.

The order started with a price of 49.99 Pounds and a forecast of ca. 2-4 weeks. After a couple of weeks I was informed by that my phone was considered as lost or stolen and has thus been blocked.
If I still want to order the unlocking it would cost me further 60 Pounds.
The 109.99 Pounds package unlocks all phones, no matter whatsoever. I decided to give it a try and it worked out fine.

The process takes its time.
It works fine.
The company updates fairly regularly on the progress or issues - server issues, blocked phones, anything that leads to further delay.
The costs are ca. 109.99 Pounds.
Recommended from my side.

Then, why only 4/5 stars?
Because the information about the provider is essential information you need to give right at the beginning of the whole order. Official iPhone Unlock should know about the complicated unlocking procedure coming along with Softbank Japan and recommend the 109.99 Pounds package immediately. If the unlock process runs w/out issues there could be offered a reimbursement. Even if it wouldn't be the full 60 pounds but a reduced payback because of a process charge for initiating the reimbursement or whatsoever.
By not doing so the process is delayed, since you need to explicitly order the extra package, plus I felt a little annoyed since - let's face it - these kind of services always come along a little untrustworthy because you only communicate electronically and you never really talk to someone.
That is the only point for improvement from my point of view.
Nonetheless I recommend this service and will order another unlock.

Jan 3, 2015

Excellent company!

Wasn't sure about this site when I first came across it but read the excellent reviews and went for it. Can honestly say they were quick and efficient only taking 4days even over christmas!!

Jan 1, 2015

Great fast unlocking service

My iPhone 4 was locked to Tmobile in US. I need to the phone unlocked to use in the Dominican Republic. The phone was unlocked very quickly and I was very happy with the service. I would use the service to locked all the iPhones I will ever have.

Jan 1, 2015

Désimlockage dans les temps via iTunes pour un iPhone 4 (5 jours ouvrés).
Service sérieux et très bon suivi client grâce à l'interface web de visibilité de l'état des commandes en cours avec avertissements courriel lorsque les prestations sont délivrées.

Cependant je n'ai pas compris à quoi ont servit les étapes 1 et 2 ci-dessous ainsi que leur facturation.

1 - Vérification réseau pour IMEI : xxx... Order ID: 2541479 - £4.00
2 - Pré-commande d'un déblocage d'usine pour le IMEI: xxx... (iPhone 4) verrouillé chez EE UK. Order ID: 2544016 - £19.99
3- Desimlocker officielle pour IMEI: xxxxx (iPhone 4) verrouillée à EE UK.
Order ID: 2547360 - £80.00

Manque de communication ou de clarté regrettable sur ce point (d'où les 4 étoiles).
Je pensais en avoir pour £23.99 pour finalement payer un total de: £103.99 :(

Dec 30, 2014

Unlocked and Back in Business

I had an iPhone 5 locked to Vodafone (through an old business contract) and not even the Vodafone store could unlock it. I tried unofficial agents but they wanted an extortionate fee for the job!
So I used this site and it was done in 3 days, without any problems - simply had an e-mail telling me the phone is unlocked.

Great service and I'd recommend them to anyone.

Dec 29, 2014

Could not believe it...

Having upgraded my Iphone 5 to a 6, I decided to use the 5 as a second phone and use it on the Sprint network, it was locked to Tmobile and I searched for services to unlock it for me, I decided to use this Company based on the information they quoted on their website, as it was now December 23rd and with the Christmas and New Year shut downs, I assumed that I would get my order completed and the phone unlocked around the first week of the New Year, I was therefore most surprised and very very impressed to get a message from them on 27th December to say that my phone was now unlocked, and indeed it was, so over the course of four days they had none exactly what they said they would do... even though Christmas Day and Boxing Day were in the middle of these four days.
I am totally delighted with their service and have no hesitation in recommending them, I would certainly use them again.
Stewart Cusack - Devon

Dec 29, 2014

Great company and service

I had just landed in australia and went to get a local sim. Dame my iphone was locked to Tmobile US network. Quick look on the web at the phone shop and this service came up. Wasnt cheap but had fast service and great reviews. I payed and waited.. They said 24-48 hours to unlock but as it is xmas and new years i wasnt hopefull. Got the email it was all unlocked and poped the sim in and tada it worked. Im using it now to write this. My phone was a iphone 4s.. Highly recomend this service.. Thanks for the unlock.

Dec 28, 2014

fast and effective unlocking service. Better customer query response times needed

I cannot fault the unlocking service, it does what it says in a timely manner

Dec 28, 2014

Iphone 5C tmobile

Great and up to date service. Unlock Ipone 5 and very informative customer service.

Dec 28, 2014

iPhone 4s switched networks

Successfully re-purposed iPhone 4s - moved from Vodafone to Virgin; little or no assistance from network providers. site explains the process clearly, what information is required - albeit that the service is a little pricey it does exactly what it says.
Expecting faster turnaround for a 'no touch' over-the-air automated service, but completion notification was received within stated timescales. Happy days!

Dec 27, 2014

it all went very well

the cut-off came a little later, but everything worked as promised

Dec 26, 2014

Excellent and quick

I recently had an iPhone 5 that was locked to Vodafone unlocked , great service and came in 2 days under the quotes time scale. I never had to contact customer services as the service was brilliant and kept me informed at every step via email . Would definitely recommend and would definitely use again

Dec 26, 2014

Wow! Just as it said on the tin.

What an easy and hassle free way to unlock my iPhone 5c (Tmobile). Took 48 hrs but I did request it on a Sunday.

Dec 22, 2014

Would highly recommend

Wasn't too sure at first, but read the reviews gave it a go. iPhone 6 locked to Vodafone and unlocked to any network in one week!!
Would highly recommend!!

Dec 19, 2014

Quick and Safe

Bought an ATT iPhone 5s on craigslist and found out that it wasn't unlocked. Used and got it unlocked in a day. The customer service is really good at responding to questions and if i ever unlock a iPhone again i wouldn't hesitate to here to do it.

Dec 18, 2014

Iphone 5 locked on kddi au japan

This is one of the trustable service .my iphone 5 locked on kddi au was unlocked by them . Thanks

Dec 18, 2014

Great, fast, service.

Really great service. it unlocked my iphone. Was surprised that it actually worked and took less than the stated time. It was locked to Tmobile, it now works on ATT sim card. Very satisfied customer. Would recommend to anyone.

Dec 18, 2014

Trusted Service - Iphone 5 unlocked from AU KDDI

Hi Everyone,

My iPhone was locked to AU KDDI network. I heard in many forums that this phone will not unlocked, but I came to know from one of my friend in UK who said that the people in will unlock all type of Iphones.

Then I went to the site and read the TrustedReviews and kept the order.

I did not heard any news from DoctorUnlock team in the first 7 days, then I thought I was cheated. But at the end of 9 day I have received a mail from DoctorUnlock Team saying that the experts are unlocking the Phone and I will recevie the unlock soon.

I was Happy to hear that and after that with in 2 weeks I have recieved the mail stating that my iPhone got unlocked.

And I followed the steps given in the mail (Just connected to itunes and got the confirmation from Apple saying that my phone was unlocked)

Now I am able to use any SIM card in that mobile currently I am in India.

Even though it took almost one half months to Unlock my phone but finally I got the confidence on this Site.


Dec 15, 2014

fiz o pedido de um desbloqueio iphone 5 rede telus canada. o desbloqueio ficou disponivel em 4 dias úteis. foi bastante rápido e eficaz. desbloqueio de fábrica.

Recomendo bastante, não é a primeira vez que o faço, sempre perfeito e rápido.

Dec 15, 2014

Had my doubts and it took a while but it worked perfectly

I have a iPhone 6 Locked to o2 and wanted it unlocked to use it on business trips and on holiday with local sim cards, I thought the unlock price was high but if it works... it would be worth it.

It took over a month the timescale was 1-6 working days, so I was stressed a little and the unlock request was submitted 3 times to the unlock server.

and finally on the third attempt the phone was unlocked and it came through over the air, no iTunes needed.

Well worth the money, could be quicker and better customer service by email and on the phone.

Dec 15, 2014

Very efficient

Finally had my iphone 6 unlocked and when it was available, it was seamless!!! Long time from ordering but no problem as it wasn't heir fault. Thank you very much.

Dec 13, 2014

Instant Satisfaction

Phone: iPhone 6
Network/Carrier: AT&T
Unlock wait time: Within 24 hours

I did not have any worries with the unlocking service this website has provided or felt the need to contact anyone during the unlocking process as everything is very simple and strait-forward. I opted for the unlocking service provided by this website as I needed to unlock the phone ASAP. Unlocking through my provider (AT&T) can take up to a week - while here it is done within 24 hours.

This website has exceeded my expectations and will be the place for all my unlocking needs in the future.

Dec 13, 2014

It's a genuine one but little costly

Awesome guys good and easy job my phone is iPhone 6 Telus Canada here no hassle clear unlock on time. Initially I th it's a fake one I d have time to read all terms and conditions so one time after my payment I urged to refund my money if it doesn't work but it is done successfuly and its in given time awesome

Dec 11, 2014

Iphone 4 softbank

the service is great but it exceeded the timeframe a little, so i panicked but hey presto on the 19th working day i got the unlock i restored my phone and it worked like a charm. i definitly recommend these guys they are fake for sure and i'll use their service again if i needed (Y)

Dec 11, 2014


If cannot release your mobile, so none else can. They are the best! My Iphone 4 locket to CLARO EL SALVADOR was unlocked!

Dec 10, 2014


It was so easy and fast.
Coudn't ask for more.

Dec 9, 2014

Very Pleased

Well, I received an iphone 4s from a friend but it was locked to att. After searching for options, worrying about which places would actually unlock my phone, I stumbled upon this site. I decided to trust them and I am glad that I did! My phone took 3-4 days to unlock and its been working great for 2 weeks now with no problems. So Thank You. I would recommend to friends.

Dec 9, 2014

I was sceptical but they unlocked it within 48 hours for a one off cost!

I was sceptical and unsure if it would work but I decided to give it a go and paid £48 ish and they unlocked it like they said they would within 48 hours! Recommend it and great service!

Dec 8, 2014

A very satisfied customer

I must admit I was sceptical about using this service. But Official Iphone Unlock proved me wrong. My iphone was locked to O2 and I wanted to use it with Vodafone. It was unlocked within 3 days. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

Dec 6, 2014

as it says...

The price is about the same as phone shops I asked in. Was very simple to request an unlock and got a confirmation email. Another email was sent when it was completed. Haven't tested it properly yet as phone is for son but seems to pick up network with my sim card which it didn't before

Dec 5, 2014


I have already posted but I need to change it I payed 40 pound for my iphone to be unlocked because I did not want shop to keep my phone for like 5 days and I synced my phone to iTunes and it did not work so I was very annoyed so I tryed the sim I wanted in it and then did the sync and it unlocked straight away so if anyone thinks this is a scam try what I did it's really not a scam please update the new sim via iTunes sync! I hope this helps thank you offical iphone unlock :)

Dec 5, 2014

I Phone 5 Unlocked

I have just recently got my iphone 5 unlocked with official iphone unlock and I must say I was extremely impressed.

They were quick, professional and my phone was unlocked in full.
I didnt even need to connect to computer as wifi sorted it instantly.

I will use these in future for certain.

Thanks again Team

Dec 4, 2014


Everything perfect as described in the website. Simple, fast and reliable. Great!!

Dec 4, 2014

Unlocking of my iPhone 4

I just wanted to thank you for getting my iPhone 4 unlocked. I wanted to unlock it from the Vodaphone net work so that I could give the phone to my girl friend in another country. It was important that the phone would not re-lock when the software was updated in the future, and having found you website through Google, and seeing your time period to get the phone unlocked and explaining how your method unlocked the phone permanently I decided to give you a try. And I am glad I did as 5 days later the phone is unlocked, has worked on a different network, and is now ready to be shipped to my girlfriend. I did not need to contact customer support, and will definitely use you again when my current iPhone 5S is upgraded. I highly recommend any one wishing to unlock an iPhone permanently to use your great service.


Dec 2, 2014

iPhone 5 unlocking

I got cut on scams before . It's hard to trust for online service in thows times. 48£ it's not Amal mone for me but I tuck chance... It's all true wot you can see on comments. I got my iPhone unlock whit no problems. Thank you.

Dec 2, 2014


Within 3 hours my iPhone 4 was unlocked, I will definitely use this company again & recommend to anyone, also a recommendation on Twitter & FaceBook

Dec 2, 2014


Was quick and easy and kept me updated all the way and the price is very good

Nov 28, 2014

Worth every GBP you spent to unlock your phone

I wanted to unlock my Iphone 4 which was lock to 02, UK. The service by this company is awesome! it was delivered within 2 working days as advertised. the price is somewhat affordable for desperate people like me who had tried countless other methods to unlock my phone. 5 out of 5 ratings i give to them. Really appreciate their service and system!
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