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Nov 27, 2014

Worth every penny!

I went to them as they had the best reviews and I wanted my phone to retain its warranty and not be jalibroken as a friend of mine updated his after he thought it had been properly unlocked and it relocked itself.
I paid the £40 to have it unlocked from Vodafone, they said it would take a week, a week later I get an email saying put my old sim card in and it will just unlock "over air". I did, it worked, the only thing was that for about 20 hours I couldn'd use mobile data as I had a Vodafone Movbile profile, called up EE and they said delete the profile and it will let EE through. That is more a case of me not realising than a fault on Official Unlock, but it would be nice to have had that information in the final email. But thats literally the only thing I could comment on in a neutral way, the rest, perfect.

Nov 25, 2014


it is easy to do,
and the best to unlock

Nov 23, 2014

Bought a carrier check and an unlock, both successful.

I bought an iPhone 4S in the UK which I understood was unlocked so I can use it in SE Asia and Australia only to discover when I arrived it was locked. 
Searched the net and found which were based in the UK and had good reviews.
I first purchased a carrier check for £4 but it took almost 5 days and a couple of reminders to have them to confirm it was locked to EMEA. 
Due to this delay I wasn't confident of ordering an unlock for £39.99 so I reviewed other sites but none of them gained my confidence so last week I went ahead with the unlock, done in 3 days, no problem at all.

Nov 22, 2014

Excelent timing

Customer is pleased with the speed of unlock

Nov 22, 2014

amazingly fast service!

I purchased a second-hand iPhone only to discover it was locked !! Thanks to official iphone unlock I was able to find out which carrier it was locked to, and then have it unlocked within 24 hours ! One happy customer !!

Nov 21, 2014

Awesome, quick, hands off -- exactly what you'd want from an unlock service.

I chose because a friend had used it for me in the past and I was pleased with it. I unlocked a AT&T iPhone 5 for use on T-Mobile and it was processed in less than a week. It was hassle free and they kept me promptly updated on the status of the unlock. The only hurdle was that I was not notified that there was an extra step to validate my payment that was not explicitly stated until I logged in to check my unlock status. That unnecessarily held up the process for about 2 days, which could have been remedied by an email explicitly telling me to verify payment. Other than that, it was basically seamless.

Will definitely use this again in a year when I upgrade my phone!

Nov 20, 2014

Nice service as described

Well, i have unlocked my iphone 6 with this comnpany, for sure i think the price can be lower, but the unlock was done fast and without problem.. If you have the money to invest, i reccomend you to try them.

Nov 20, 2014

Very nice and fast services

I'm very happy with the service provided, everything was done very easily, i just change my SIM card and BINGO everything was working perfectly at the first time!

Nov 20, 2014


O serviço atendeu o prometido.

Nov 20, 2014

Highly recommended, speedy service!

I bought my Iphone 5 from a friend and needed it unlocked from O2.
The phone was unlocked within 24 hours and I was notified be Email as soon as the unlock had been carried out. I connected my Iphone 5 to a Wifi network as instructed and it worked straight away with no problems.
I highly recommend Official Iphone Unlock and would not hesitate to use them again.

Nov 17, 2014

muito bom,podem confiar desbloqueio rapido e eficiente.muito obrigado recomendo a todos...

Nov 14, 2014

desculpem não ter respondido mais cedo,quando apresentei a reclamação 2 dias depois o telemóvel foi desbloqueado.

Os meus agradecimentos.
José Maria

Nov 13, 2014

fast service hassle free just wait for your email and its that simple

I was abit worried giving my details to this site but as soon as i got the all clear my EE iPhone was unlocked i instantly got my iphone 5 unlocked aswell.prices are reasonable plus unlocked phones sell for more so you get your money back in the long run..

Nov 11, 2014

Excellent service, highly recommended

I now have an unlocked iPhone 5. Yes, I could have asked O2 to unlock the phone for free before ending my contract and of course they didn't let me know or offer any help once my contract was ended. stepped in and did the job without any hassle or issues. Well done.

Nov 11, 2014

Dubious but it worked!

After searching various unlock sites I plumped for Official iPhone Unlock and was impressed by their prompt and no-nonsense service. They do what they say they will in the timescales with no hassle. Recommended.

Nov 8, 2014


Very fast unlock and easy to deal with excellent

Nov 8, 2014


I didn't expect that they would unlock my iPhone, nobody could unlock on Sprint, they did it, bravo. Customer service very poor and 2 weeks after my order they did it, and took a very very long time, but finally I can use my iPhone

Nov 5, 2014

fabulous service

I'm very happy about the service it was fast and genuine thanks very much

Nov 5, 2014

Great service

Great service so I came back for a second unlock on a second phone. Was easy to organise and set up. The first phone has since been updated without a problem.

Nov 5, 2014

Reliable and honest

Was a bit skeptical about this service, as I heard no response after 6 working days, none the less I received the unlock and the phone is now working well with any SIM.

Value for money.

Nov 4, 2014

je suis tré comptant de vous vous débloqué mon iphone a tan

Nov 4, 2014

Highly recommended

I was used to unlock my iPhone 5 through officialphoneunlock site. Very reasonable price and they said 5 working days. Exactly on last working day I was waiting by end of the evng I was receive Mail phone was unlocked.
Thank you so much.

Nov 4, 2014

quick, easy service

I'd use them again as it was so simple.

Nov 4, 2014

Took little more time, but worked.

My iphone was locked to AT&T and I needed unlock because I couldn't call with my phone in my country.
So I was looking on the internet and I found and after reviews I tryed that.
I was worried about my money, because week passed and nothing still happened, so I contacted support, which usually answered me after day.
After about a week and half my phone unlocked, I was really so happy. I couldn't believe that.
I was becoming worried about my money, but it worked and now I can call, using my Czech operator - Kaktus.

Nov 3, 2014

It really works!

I bought an old work phone that was tied to a Vodafone contract and I wanted to transfer it to my personal contract which is with O2. After research on the net I decided to go with It transpired that there was still some subsidised money owing to Vodafone for that phone so I had to pay a little extra to get it unblocked but it was well worth it as I now have an unlocked iPhone 5!

All in all a very good service and does what it says on the tin.

Nov 3, 2014

great service

thanks unlocked my phone ASAP!!

Nov 3, 2014

Aunque se tardo 2 días mas de lo previsto, llego la liberación de AT&T USA.

Nota: Si aun tienen plan contratado con at&t, pueden solicitar el desbloqueo directo desde su pagina, sin necesidad de recurrir a servicios externos... :/

Saludos cordiales!

Nov 2, 2014

Worked but slowly

I had an Iphone 4 that was locked to AT&T (USA). I googled where i could unlock it and came across this website. I decided to use it because it seemed to have good reviews. I needed my phone unlocked because i recently swapped to a cheaper plan with T-Mobile. At first I was quoted 24 hours but it took about 5 days, which made me a little nervous because i wasn't getting any emails at all. I figured I would wait a week before contacting them but fortunately I didn't have to.All in all it was good, just a little slow. I would use them again.

Nov 1, 2014

24 hours unlocks working fast and perfectly!

Used for AT&T and for several other carriers, 24 hours unlocks working fast and perfectly! Support is kind and helpful! Recommended for everybody!

Oct 31, 2014

Outstanding service.

Very happy with the result, but for a Canadian with the exchange rate from $37.50 euro cost me $69.76 Canadian. But it was fast done very quickly.



Oct 30, 2014

Excellent I phone unlocking website

It took nearly one month for me. But, finally i got it. The delay due to my mobile was in barred list. Got regular emails from them regarding status. thanks to

Oct 29, 2014

First class sevice, very clear instructions by email

I'm very happy with your service that you gave me clear web site, I was with Vodafone network how where poor customer service but you sorted it all out for me. Thank you very much!!

Oct 29, 2014


One an only the best iphone unlocking company.
TO be honest i was scared at first to trust and put my visa card over your webpage because i had lost some some form another scam website, they don't do our services just play with us, hold on but i fully trust this website so now onward i am with you guys for business. good job carry on and hope more better services...

Oct 29, 2014

im so happy

well done , there is great job to unlocking mobile smartphone.BIG THANKS .

Oct 29, 2014

Easy to use, straightforward service!

Chose as got good reviews. Was locked to EE, unlocked quickly so I could get best tarif. No need to contact support, would use again!

Oct 29, 2014

The Best And Only Unlock Site Ever!

These guys are there With u the Whole Process.
Very Reliable and Trusty Worthy.
This is my First And Always Site that i will use to Unlock my Future Phones. I do this for me and For my Friends that Are not Familiar with this Site.
Thanks Guys. Ur the Best!

Oct 28, 2014

Best unlocking service using iPhone Unlocked Uk.

My network was previously lock to AT&T carrier and had problem using it outside US. With regards to locked problem, so I did requested unlocked services from official iphone unlock uk. The service was delivered timely and regularly update to me thru email.

I will recommend this service to my friend which facing problem same to me.

Thank you

Oct 28, 2014

Never fail to unlcok

I have been using Official iPhone Unlock for several times, its always 100% successful rate. You may need to be little patience to your iPhone unlocked, but surely you will have peace of mind ! Enjoy Unlocking !

Oct 27, 2014

Absolutely unreal! Fantastic service

I was pretty sceptical that they could unlock my phone permanently after the iPhone 6 was literally just out! It took around 7 days, I checked in my email on Monday morning and bam! My new iPhone 6 on Vodafone was unlocked!! Now I'm not tied to a contract.

I would like to unlock my 6Plus on O2 For my business - I've paid the deposit for preorder and am awaiting a email! It looks like Vodafone is primarily the fasted for this service. They have another service which is slightly more expensive but i think you have to get your orders in quick on Friday? Check it out people.

Really happy that Im now saving £2000 on a 24month contract I would have originally gone for without this service.

I didn't need to contact them either, I think if it was longer than the time limit they gave me I would have, but their was no need :)

So for your Vodafone iPhone 6, imei permanent unlock *****5Stars for yourvquickness, email contact, track your order service and quick payment.

I literally got the email, switched sims, turned off and my phone and I shouted "wooooo" outloud. Honestly it made my day.

Thanks guys, just hurry up with O2!! :P

Oct 26, 2014

Spot on service

I was initially reluctant to buy this product as most places wanted £100+.
I bought the unlock code for an iPhone locked to O2. I wanted it unlocking as I am with EE and recently bought them phone. I would without a doubt recommend these to anyone as it was very hassle free. It took a couple of days and was so easy to do once I received the email.

Oct 25, 2014

Greatest!!! iPhone Unlocking Site

i have enjoyed the response level & accurate info provided from the unlocking team

Oct 25, 2014

Time delivery a little slow.

I was given an IPhone 4 by my daughter who had got and upgrade but it was locked to 02.
I am very happy with my own carrier so I wanted it unlocked.
The price was reasonable because you can pay£15 to a market trader and never be sure that the job has been done properly, so I decided on the after reading reviews.
It was very straightforward and I didn,t need any support but I was a little disappointed that it took 5 (working) days to unlock and not the 48Hrs as used in the adverts.
Overall, if time is not of the essence then I would certainly use again.

Oct 24, 2014


My iPhone 4 was locked to AT&T, I needed to unlock it so that I can update my iPhone to the latest firmware so I ordered an unlock from and the service is greet and I'd use it again but there's one issue that the delivery date is not perfect but I know that that delay is not from the company's side.
Thank You :)

Oct 23, 2014

Brilliant Service

I needed an iPhone 5 unlocking from O2 quickly as I had no phone until I could get it done. I didn't want to go thorugh 02 as they were quoting 7-14 days. So thought I would take a gamble on Official iPhone Unlock who charged quite a bit but quoted 48-72 hours. Was very pleased to have my phone unlocked within 24 hours! Worth the money.

Oct 23, 2014

Got My Iphone Unlocked at Given Time-Frame

Great service from I got my iphone unlocked at given time-frame. Thanks and keep it up!

Oct 23, 2014

Great/fast and highly recomend

iPhone 4s was locked to Vodafone UK, travel a lot with work so its best for me to grab a local sim card, hence the reason for unlocking it.
Highly recommend and will definitely use this service again, and recommend to friends/family/colleagues etc/
Great stuff, keep up the good work :)

Oct 22, 2014

Excellent !!!!

It's the better system to unlock the phone but a bit expensive though I am satisfied.

Oct 21, 2014

Good service that gets the job done.

This took a little longer than I expected, but within a week, the iPhone 5s I was given from a family member was unlocked.
It was on Vodafone, which I heard might be tricky, but it's all sorted.
For around £50, it's not a bad deal. Better than paying £500 for an unlocked iPhone from Apple.
I'd recommend this site, but be prepared to wait 7 days instead of 2-5.

Oct 20, 2014

was pretty nervous at first but it finally unlockeD!!!!

took a while like two weeks but it still managed to unlock. thank god its not a hoax

Oct 20, 2014

Cannot Fault!

Unlocked 2 phones, both happened within a few days and I was able to log on and track progress. Would defo use again :-)
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