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Jul 23, 2017

question please ?

HI Brothers and Sisters ?
please can I pay this website for unlocking my iphone (unlock icloud)? Is it real or fake ?

Mar 23, 2017


DONT SUBMIT OR EITHER GIVE YOUR BANK CARD FOR payment of icloud opening this service is
just consume and digest your money
i sent mail that i will submit my review every day till you send me back my money
qader khan

Mar 23, 2017

this icloud site is SHUT (.........) try to spell it correctly

i gave 20 euro to unlock my icloud on an iphone for my client .....but they is a greedy site only eat your money DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SERVICE OF THE SITE

Mar 23, 2017

don,t pay for icloud 20 euro it is lost of your money

iPhoneIMEI Team
Mar 14 (9 days ago)
i made a big mistake for the payment of 20 euro to the site for icloud bypassing .made me disappointed .me and my client following is the emal i received from the site for not refunding tactics to know more my watsapp 00393512606299

** How to obtain a card refund **
If you have proof the device is not lost/stolen e.g. the original invoice from Apple or your carrier, either electronic or physical, or a Swappa report, or similar - and do not wish to to wait for our Premium Service to unlock this IMEI and have no other IMEI to unlock, please reply to this email with the proof so we can obtain a refund from our supplier and issue a card refund as opposed to the voucher.
Kind regards,
First Line Support

Jan 31, 2017


Can any one tell me that opens icloud phones? And what is the process of sending the payment? And how much time this company takes?

Jan 28, 2017

i payed for i cloud remove after few days say not possible i send mail for refund they said already refund the amount still i did not receive any payment now no replay for my mail

Jan 28, 2017

I have payed for i cloud remove on this month 1st still i did not get service and and my payment also

Jan 23, 2017

I cloud

I paid 20 dollar as they give me offer. But now after three days they are saying your device is on theft mode but I'm the first user of my device they are fake now they have given me voucher and that is totally useless and not even replying the totally sucks and fake

Jan 15, 2017

i give two iphone for icloud removal but they couldnt do it... now im trying do another they said they are offline thats nut.

Nov 8, 2016

Fack you

Nov 8, 2016

my friends
I advise you not to send your money to this site because it is a false site had taken my money and said that your phone is no communication by the theft and this hoax and sent me a message and told me that the phone was stolen and my phone does not have the theft notification, I advise you not to be trusted with this false website

Oct 26, 2016

dont work

They can't refund ,every time I want to remove icloud thir site is offline

Oct 26, 2016

not work

I paid them 39.9 pond to remove my iPhone icloud but that couldn't do it and gave me a vocher but now I can't use my vocher because thier site is offline its bad I tried more time a month age mayby morter than but they don't answer me and don't do that after that can refund

Jul 28, 2016

icloud unlock service fails to sucessive

Plzzzz tell me now my order is on what situation it happens order status blacklisted ,now it is totally end or not my means that u now happen or processed or not anything to do it for icloud removal in next days or other finished your process ? If u unlock my Imei then I change my review or rating. Thankx

May 27, 2016

I cloud unlock

Well done brothers good job
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