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Mar 5, 2015

Excellent service

My parcel was not delivered, and upon checking the website I noticed it was returned to the service centre. I used live chat and spoke to Sian, and she helped me with the problem, the sender had totally messed up my address, and she amended it right then. Thanks to her I should have the parcel soon

Mar 5, 2015

You couldn't make it up..? Appalling Avoid unless you intend staying at home for a week..!

A partner of Gap / Banana Republic. The parcel is coming purely at their driver's convenience and there is nothing whatsoever you can do about it. The definitive of frustration.
Three attempts at delivery each whenever I DID NOT want it delivered. You only get a contact number of the Courier after the failed delivery. live chat..? It would not work. can you contact Yodel by any other means..? NO, I tried and failed as I helplesslessly watched my much needed product spin hopelessly into oblivion. I was then invited to take a 60 mile round trip from Hove to some industrial unit someplace around Gatwick Airport to collect it. Would you..? Many knock Royal Mail, imperfect perhaps and kind of quaint but it works, and sooner or later you will get your hands on it. With Yodel..? Expect the unexpected.
Years as a loyal fan of Banana Republic destroyed. Check on your retailer... If they use this lot and you go out to work, even part time ,go elsewhere. Hours of frustration and wasted time could be coming your way otherwise believe me.

Mar 5, 2015

Great fast service

Best deleivery service I have had

Mar 5, 2015


My order was quick, in time and perfect conditions

Mar 5, 2015

live chat with Aman

Hi following an attempted delivery of parcel today I accessed yodel website to rearrange delivery. As the telephone number was unavailable of the driver due to end of his working day. Concerned that delivery would take place on another unavailable day I used live chat. With help of Aman I quickly rearranged potential delivery. He was polite professional and above all helpful. I just hope delivery will be as good as the live chat service. I will repost the outcome. On Aman live chat service I highly rate yodel. Thanks Aman

Mar 5, 2015

A very good and trouble free delivery.

My delivery experience with yodel was trouble free from order to recieving my parcel .
Their communication was excellent and the tracking system was brilliant it allowed me to carry on with my day as normal rather than sitting in all day waiting , all in all a very good service that i would reccomend using.

Mar 5, 2015

Very quick and easy

I ordered a parcel from missguided, I chose next day delivery which was then carried out by Yodel. The package was delivered at a reasonable time and had lots of communication throughout. Nothing negative to say, very professional company!

Mar 5, 2015

Terrible service, poorly trained staff, appalling communication, irresponsible

This is by far the worst experience I have had with any delivery companies in the UK. Bell never rang, call card not left, promises are false, and at the end, order never received.
It started with a failed delivery last Thursday, supposedly a card had been left upon that failed deliver (which we never received). We contacted them via the online chat as soon as we were notified of that, to arrange for a pick up from their Vauxhall depot on Saturday morning. All was well and good at that point.
On Saturday morning, we went to the online chat again to double check to make sure the parcel would be at the depot, and that the depot was open at 8.30am for us to pick up our order early in the day. We were then advised on that chat session that the parcel had been mistakenly loaded into a van for delivery, and that we would have to wait at home for the parcel as it would not be possible for us to pick up our order within that same day. Fine, we were not happy but we could live with that. I cancelled two appointments and stayed at home, but nothing came until 1.30pm. I then went to their online chat again, and was told that, contrary to what they told us in the morning, the parcel had actually been taken off the van and left at the depot (which closed at 12.00pm). The end result of all that was that we could only reschedule a redelivery for Monday.
At that point, I requested for the delivery address to be changed to an office address so it can be received during working hours on Monday (which I now know is not feasible, but none of the staff said so on Saturday). They confirmed on the chat session that it would be delivered on Monday, to my wife’s office address.
Then Monday came, no parcel was received at the office, and we received another email stating a delivery attempt had failed again. Of course we went on to speak to Yodel again, on the chat once, and one the phone 3 times. We were told that the parcel was sent to our home address, not the office address, and no one was there!! Firstly, we had people in the flat until 1pm that day, the failed attempt was recorded at 10.24am, so there is no way they actually rang the bell and got no answer. Also, we never received a calling card in our flat. Secondly, I was then told that the instruction for change of address only came to the depot in the morning after the van had left, and therefore the parcel would be sent out the following morning (Tuesday) to the office address that we provided. I called back twice to make sure that was the case, and was guaranteed that it would definitely be sent to the office address, and I should not worry. Fine, it was 4 day late, but we were willing to wait.
Then Tuesday came, no parcel was received at the office, and we received another email stating a delivery attempt had failed again. Same story as Monday, they marked a failed delivery at 10.43am, and said a calling card had been left. I called Yodel’s customer service, yet again. I was then told that it had been sent to my home address and failed. Firstly, again, we had people in the flat until 11.00am, and as before, no calling card was ever seen! Secondly, as their staff reassured me, it should have been sent to the office address. I then requested to speak to a manager!
I was transferred to one of the manager, who told me that for security reason, no change of address would be allowed in their system (!?!). So after 2 chat sessions and 4 phone calls, that was the first time I heard that the change of address would not be allowed. He then apologised for his staff misinforming us of the change of delivery address. So none of his staff knew about it, only the manager did. What sort of customer service training do they go through, if any at all???
He suggested that it would be faster if I called the seller and request for a new order to be shipped out to the office address, and Yodel would send the parcel back to the seller. He said that would be the only way to change the address, and guarantee receipt. I was not happy with all the time wasted waiting on the phone and chat with them, but fine, solution first, complaint later.
I called the seller, but the 2 of the 3 items we ordered were out of stock, so it would not be possible to send a new order out… I was at a loss for words… My only choice, at that moment, was to wait another week and pick up the parcel from Yodel’s depot this weekend. So I asked the seller’s customer service staff, who was on the phone with me, to send a request to Yodel for them to hold the parcel at the depot until this Saturday for a pick up.
I then called Yodel again, requesting to speak to the same manager, who was not be available. One of his staff was willing to pass on the message, so I gave her the same instruction to pass to the manager. I.e. we would pick up the parcel from Yodel’s New Cross depot this Saturday. At that point, I thought my frustration had reached its highest point.
However, they were able to push it higher. We received an email from him at 15.43pm on Tuesday, advising that the depot had been instructed to keep the parcel for our collection on Wednesday (!?!?). How incompetent can their staff be to get Saturday and Wednesday mixed up!?!?
I then replied to say not Wednesday but Saturday, please make sure the right instruction is received by the depot. A reply came swiftly saying that the request to extend the holding period until early next week had been sent. So we would not have any problem picking it up on Saturday. I took that as a good sign but I should not have believed that…
Then today when we looked at it again, the parcel had been scanned to be returned to sender on Wednesday afternoon!!! So the depot was not even going to keep it on Wednesday to begin with, leave alone Saturday… The parcel is now on its way to the sender, the items are out of stock, the returned goods would go to a different warehouse and would be long until I can order them again. I called Yodel, and no manager was available to speak to me(?) our order tracking number had been flushed out of the system after they sent it back, so customer service staff could not locate any details or notes either. Yodel had now completely washed its hands off the case and no one called me back (like what I was promised).

Mar 5, 2015

Juan is great

Great customer service from Juan.

Mar 5, 2015

Tiffany nailed it

Tiffany was very helpful in changing my delivery so that I can now collect it at some point.

Mar 5, 2015

Good experience no issues

Delivery as expected. Worked night before so no hassle when I woke up as note posted thru my door with full info on to which neighbour my parcel was left with. Fully efficient A1 service Used this service on numerous occasions and will continue to, never a problem!!!!

Mar 5, 2015


When A package couldn't be delivered to my home address, I contacted Yodel through webchat - straight in, didn't have to wait, and Shannon was most helpful and able to sort out alternative delivery for me in minutes.

Mar 5, 2015

Quick and friendly response to question on quick chat

I needed to ask if my neighbour could sign for my parcel, due tomorrow as I know Ill be out. Started a chat with Tiffany , who found the answer in seconds. Will deffo use again as this was a quick and easy way to answer my question. Thank you Tiffany xxx

Mar 5, 2015

Delivery drivers lying about failed delivery

The parcel tracker states the driver attempted the delivery twice, no one collected and reminder cards were left. This is a lie! The package is to be delivered to my work where there is always a collection man on duty. He receives hundreds of packages a day and no cards were left to him. I work in South Kensington so he probably missed me out out for convenience.
Awful company; sort your staff out!

Mar 5, 2015

More than 10 years of happy ebaying ruined by Yodel

One thing - nobody has been rude. However.......

Yodel left a package containing a shirt from the USA outside my apartment which is in a walk-in, open building. Needless to say it went missing. I went through all the correct channels (interminable and obstructive webchat), contacted the blameless seller in the USA and then ebay. Ebay say they are happy the thing was deliverd as Yodel say it was and that's it. Well, is that really good enough? I realise that things can get lost, that's fine, but now ebay are partnering with Yodel I can never use them again. 10 years of happy service ruined by Yodel. I don't blame the drivers, nor the poor souls on webchat. The villains of this piece are the people operating a business model based poor service. It's awful and depressing.

Mar 5, 2015

Liam is very helpful at Webchat

I ordered some shoes from Sportsdirect unfortunately it was delivered in the half an hour I had to pop to the doctors! I web chatted with Liam and he took my reference and address and phone number and promised to pass it to the driver. I was hoping to get it today! If not at least I didn't get a flat 'computer says no!' Thanks Liam. (Give that man a pork pie or a corporate reward, yes let's go with the corporate reward)

Mar 5, 2015

Liam is fantastic! From a problem to a solution in just a few minutes!

I received a text message saying my order had been delivered and signed for, however I had not received the item and therefore not signed for it. It was also not with any of my neighbours and I did not have a card in my letter box, I was a bit annoyed and worried where my items were.

I used the webchat facility on Yodel's website and spoke to Liam.

I explained my problem and he was very polite and asked me to confirm my tracking number and address. The address did not match up so he suggested I go back to Mothercare (where I had made the order) and speak with them.

I asked him if it was a different address and gave him that address to which he replied no. I then asked where my parcel was?

Quite rightly Liam said (in a polite manner) that he was unable to give me that information.

Then I worked it out, I had asked for the item to be delivered to store! Liam then confirmed that was correct and that was where my parcel would be.

The conversation was kept friendly and although it started with me being concerned it ended with a few laughs about me being silly (started by me I must add).

Overall I felt happy and glad that I had spoken to someone who was able to help me but also keep my personal information safe from possibly being given to someone else.

Fantastic service Liam.


Mar 5, 2015

YODeL Ignoring to deliver my parcel At the Delivery Room

I have been waiting for A Parcel from Yodel now for 3 days - but unfortunately your company is refusing to deliver - because they have been told to go through the Delivery Post room which is a standard procedure by my company – for security reasons..
Yodel - Said they MUST deliver at reception - even though Security told them - to deliver through the Post Room which is just few meters away.

This parcel is a Present for my daughter's birthday - It has been two days now since I should have received this post.. Buy Yodel is playing games with my Parcel.

I am asking you to please deliver my parcel (Follow - Procedures) - I have paid you for this service and expect you to abide my companies postal procedure which every other delivery company accept.

I know that MR Jonathan Smith who is your C.E.O will not have told you that you should refused delivery due to such security measures

Mar 5, 2015


I ordered an online item which was quite pricey, so nonetheless, I was a little reserved as to whether my item would be treated well and delivered in good condition. But my order came within the despatch time, perfectly packaged, signed for, dropped into the house, with great friendly service! I would recommend Yodel to anyone and everyone. 100% great service! Awesome!!

Mar 5, 2015

great customer service live chat

A delivery card was pushed through our flat door but did not have a name on. I went onto the website and found the live chat option. I spoke with Lucas who with information from me confirmed the parcel had been delivered and was for the guy in the flat downstairs. As I am waiting for a parcel myself this was a big help to know it was not for me and meant I could chase up the items I ordered. Excellent service, I couldn't ask for more.

Mar 5, 2015

Liam - very helpful

Got through very quickly and as it was a bit of a mix up Liam was very kind enough to check up on the delivery of my parcel for me.

Mar 5, 2015

does what it say,s

I,m very happy with the service, it came when it said it would and kept you informed, very good service.

Mar 5, 2015

Quick, fast, helpful

Dominic was really helpful and quick, while also providing me with enough information that I felt like the situation was being addressed. I really appreciate being able to contact someone if a problem arises, and knowing that the problem will be resolved. Thank you!

Mar 5, 2015

Fast, Friendly Service

Yodel not only offer a fast and friendly service, but also keep you updated with details of your delivery throughout, allowing you to make arrangements ready for its arrival.

Mar 4, 2015

Absolutely useless

I waited in all day in the expected delivery date. It didn't arrive so I used the online chat to speak to someone. That turned out to be a complete waste of time as the first agent I dpoke to told me it had been left with my neighbour. I was highly doubtful as said neighbour usually returns home after 7pm on weekdays. I checked with him anyway and sure enough, he didn't have it. I tried using the chat service again, several times and each time I was given inaccurate information. I was told by one agent it was due to be delivered that day before 7pm, another told me he could reschedule it to be delivered on a day of be in yet they attempted to redeliver it twice more after that causing the maximum number of redeliveries to be reached. On each attempt it was claimed a card was left yet I never found any card. I'm never going to do business with any company who uses this company ever again. Completely incompetent.

Mar 4, 2015

Online Chat

First time to use the online chat. Contact was Gemma. Excellent service, answered all my questions within a short time. I would definitely use this service again. Thanks Gemma!

Mar 4, 2015

Waste of time

Parcel was supposed to be delivered yesterday didn't turn up Driver said he tried to deliver but no one in so left card I can assure you that never happened I was in all day waiting for this parcel that never turned up
I have waited in all day today still no show They have even given up answering my Tweets I wish now I had paid to have a more competent and reliable courier to deliver it It remains to be seen if it actually arrives tomorrow or whether I will have had another wasted day I will certainly think twice before ordering from a firm who I know uses Yodel as this is not the first time I have had trouble with their service
Well guess what folks still not arrived apparently it is definitely going to be delivered tomorrow (iv'e heard that several times before) anyway I have waited in for this parcel since Tuesday and I said I had to go out tomorrow so could they leave it next door, well this person that I asked said he would put a request in but could not guarantee it so I now I don't when I am going to get it

Mar 4, 2015



Mar 4, 2015

Missing parcel

Depending upon who you talk to, live chat is extremely helpful. Molly and Lukas in particular. However, the staff during the day, not so helpful.

Mar 4, 2015

Good Assistance

Had series of chats with online agents about the current status of my Parcel, but no one was able to give me an answer that helped. However I finally got a significant and convincing response from Lexi concerning my Parcel's current status, and I was rest assured that my Parcel is still safe and had not been tampered with, even if it was currently at a wrong address.

Mar 4, 2015


satisfied with my purchase ,very pleased with the quick delivery,for me it's 5 star.
Well done.

Mar 4, 2015

Don't bother - useless

After having stayed in all day for a delivery, I used the online help assistant to ask if I could be texted when the driver was en route. Having received no text, I have now checked to find that at 4.17 when I was home, someone apparently called with the delivery. However I heard no-one at the door, its not a big house, and there is no card left and there is no card - so I don't believe a word of it. Now on the phone waiting to speak to someone who can give an answer. Ok, now told I have been given the wrong tracking number, a problem with the seller. But why wasn't this picked up when I gave my address and name 3 hours ago. Apparently my package hasn't been collected yet. Use parcelforce next time.

Mar 4, 2015

Good service via live chat

I had an email saying that my parcel had been delivered and the time. I was out at this time so knew I didn't have the parcel. There was also no card to even say it had been delivered or been left somewhere else. The kind person on live chat Shannon was able to advise me that it had been left with a neighbour.She was polite and helpful, which was lovely as I was a bit annoyed and worried as to where my parcel was. So now due to someone not putting a note through I have to go on a hunt for my parcel.

Mar 4, 2015

Excellent service

I loved I could track my parcel online! The customer service I recieved was absolutely fantastic!
Not only do I want to receive my parcels through my yodel I want to send them through them as well!
Thank you!

Mar 4, 2015


Over the last month I've had two orders delivered through Yodel. This first was delivered at the wrong address and it took a week to retrieve (myself) after numerous attempts to get any information...

The latest delivery (still not received) has so far taken 3 days more than it should have and after 3 days of contact, Yodel claim they have an incomplete address. Every time I contacted them they said the parcel was on the way and should arrive as scheduled. The final time I got in touch they came up with this excuse despite me having had confirmation from them previously that they did indeed have the right address, as confirmed by the sender. They seem to simply resort to lying and are not willing to help when they are incapable of doing their job, which as far as I'm concerned happens a lot.

No delivery attempted on the first day, not even left the depot on the second (despite promising otherwise) - will I ever get my delivery of goods which we've paid over £800 for??

Their depot is only 25 minutes away from me so it would have been easier to do the job myself! No contact number and their online support team only respond "there is nothing we can do"... One word, incompetent. No wonder they lost £240M last year with that level of service!

Mar 4, 2015

excellent and courteous

I have found the service I receive from there delivery guy to be excellent always polite and courteous. Never complains when parcels are to large or heavy. Always get delivered when said and never damaged

Mar 4, 2015



Mar 4, 2015

good chat help not good delivery

checked tracking number see where parcel was said was delivered to customer was not delivered to me left no card saying where was got in touch with live help shannon was a great help told me everything and said will get in touch with people who delivered it.

Mar 4, 2015

Very helpful

I hate yodel and was annoyed to say the least when I found out they would be handling my delivery from mothercare. However when I spoke to Shannon on the chat she was extremely helpful and kind.

Mar 4, 2015

excellent service

My parcel was delivered on time in fact 24 hours early very happy with this service would recommend highly

Mar 4, 2015

amazing service, but a little awkward

I had given my old address due to paying with paypal and i couldn't change the address but my service was upgraded for free. it came almost next day (ordered past 11pm tuesday and came 2pm thursday) but sadly no one could receive the parcel.

the online tracking made it easy to find that it had been missed and you can re-arrange the delivery on the tracking page which is great. you do get a confirmation email of the date change but it doesn't show up in the tracking and the tracking will say that it is delayed everyday before it is delivered.

text notifications are great, let me know when it was coming etc, but didn't pester me so that's nice.

had to wait all day for my package but that's understandable since the service center was fairly far.

overall it was decent with a few humps and bumbs

Mar 4, 2015

Fantastic service every time

I have always received great service. Very friendly and customer focused. Thank you

Mar 4, 2015


A bit of a long one so bullet points to help.
- Tracking code from ebay only works on Citipost states my parcel is with Yodel, latest update 'No parcel but data'.
- A family member phones Yodel and is told there is no record for a delivery to my adress.
- Phoned Citipost and am given the needed tracking number for Yodel, the woman on the line is even kind enough to phone Yodel for me to look into it.
- Nearly 10 minutes later Citipost phones back saying Yodel has no record and asked what the contents of the parcel were. I look out the window just in time to see the courier walking away and back to his van.
- Quickly check the front door to see a card has been put through, same family member runs out the door to the van and asks if they just delivered something to our house.
- Delivery man says he threw it over the gate after knocking with no answer.
- There was no knock on the door at any point (Two people and a very attentive cat somehow didn't notice? Yeah right.). Parcel was at least twelve feet past the gate into the garden.

Mar 4, 2015

the worst. courier. ever

Today was waiting from 8:00 am for my delivery, after four hour i checked. Tracer, it said, there was an. Attempt. To deliver on 9:00 am. No access. To property.... There was defenatly no one at all. waisted all day for nothing

i went next day to collect it my self, spend 20 pounds on petrol.....
They never did sent any item properly. Just wonder how they still in busness

Mar 4, 2015

delivered on time and courteous driver

Ordered lamps on Sat and were delivered Wed. Lamps in tack and very well packaged. Delivery driver tidy and courteous. Received text earlier in the day to let me know it was out for delivery.

Mar 4, 2015

Excellent service.

Delivered before lunchtime, a day early. Let me know the progress at every step.

Mar 4, 2015

live chat

I had an email to say that my parcel was due to be delivered while my wife and I were out. I spoke with Tiffany on live chat who sorted it all out in a few minutes with no fuss. Professional, courteous and efficient. Thank you Tiffany

Mar 4, 2015

Tracking parcel

I was going to be out when my parcel was due so I spoke to Shannon and got it arranged to leave the package in a safe place. She was extreamly helpful and this service is fantastic

Mar 4, 2015

Great Customer Service

Just dealt with them via the online chat and Charlie was extremely polite and professional and dealt with my query very expediently. Thanks!

Mar 4, 2015

Tiffany was very professional

Just spoken to Tiffany who helped immensely with a problem (on my end) with a delivery - she is contacting the delivery company to get them to resend the parcel back to me instead of me having to wait for it to be returned back to the shop and then resent out. Very happy customer..
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